Ian Brown (Bend Endurace Academy) was excited when he got to Joe Creason Park and saw the muddy course Saturday morning.

Brown rode to a convicing win in the Junior Men 13-14 race. Wesley Haggstrom (Velocious Sport) took second and Magnus White (Boulder Junior Cycling) third.

Full results are below. Stay tuned for a race report.

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Junior Men 13-14 Results: 2018 Louisville Cyclocross Nationals

1196Ian BROWNBend Endurance Academy22:15.
2184Wesley HAGGSTROMVelocious Sport23:30.
3168Magnus WHITEBoulder Junior Cycling23:58.
4233Frank OREILLY JRFinkraft Cyling Team24:00.
5237Andrew AUGUSTPark Ave Bike Shop24:21.
6222Dan ENGLISH24:40.
7162Carden KINGBoulder Junior Cycling25:00.
8182Miles MATTERNPark Ave Bike p/b Borah Teamwea25:03.
9219Asa CHILDVelo Childeric25:03.
10203Ben STOKESCT Cycling Advancement Program25:11.
11209Phillip EMMERTMidwest Devo25:18.
12164Gus BRATETIC25:40.
13190Luke ROBINSONBoulder Junior Cycling25:46.
14214Evan COLEMANBaltimore Youth Cycling26:04.
15158Roman SIERPINARevolution Devo Cycling26:08.
16208Henry RAPINZBoulder Junior Cycling26:11.
17243Liam BAARTMAN26:20.
18231Raulito GUTIERREZ26:20.
19223Sammy WALKERBroadmark Capital26:32.
20220Gavin LOPEZAlpha Bicycle Co.- Groove Subar26:53.
21153Nicholas LABBEThe Pony Shop27:11.
22230Grayson HAUCKGotham Cyclists27:19.
23173Henry PRAZNOWSKI27:20.
24235Ryan DRUMMONDSoundpony Triad Bank27:25.
25202Finn SMITHKCOI U2027:35.
26180Nathan CUSACK@1Lap
27175Liam OLSONGS Forza Cycling@1Lap
28194Otis ENGELLong Tail Creative@1Lap
29238Calvin CONAWAYMidwest Devo@1Lap
30204Elijah SINGLETONBaltimore Youth Cycling@1Lap
32160Tanner BOWENBend Endurance Academy@1Lap
33210Alexander SCOPINICH-BURGELBikeway Source/Bell Lap Racing@1Lap
34213Nathan SABOLRad Racing NW@1Lap
35156Noah SHELTON@1Lap
36224Evan ELKHammerCross@1Lap
37165Casey SATTERFIELD@1Lap
38225Aidan JACOBSENRule#5 Nicks Cycling/ MennenPl@1Lap
39193Frank VILLANISomerset Wheelmen@1Lap
40192Liam ELLISKCOI U20@1Lap
41186Malachi JACKSONOklahoma Flyers@1Lap
42205Daniel BOYNTONHammerCross@1Lap
43170Eli DEBOOMBoulder Junior Cycling@1Lap
44207Nicholas BUDDENAndrie Junior Development Team@1Lap
45177Carmine MILLERTeam Glory Bound@1Lap
46215Joe OTTOHammerCross@1Lap
47166Jackson VOSSAvout Racing@1Lap
48226Ben STEVENSONRage Factory racing@1Lap
49198Colin KNOWLESASU Junior Development@1Lap
50242Cameron BIMSONCorridor Devo@1Lap
51151Miles DE SOUSAVilllage Wrench Supported By Gl@1Lap
52191Alejandro HUBERCheshire Cycle Racing@1Lap
53228Finley WILLSNuGo Racing@1Lap
54218Alex ST. ANDRETTEndurance@1Lap
55221Jacob GILSONHRRT@1Lap
56154Beck TORO-GORDONNJCX Project@1Lap
57236Brooks BURNETTE@1Lap
58216Bodhi MALINRage Factory racing@1Lap
59169Sam ELLIOTTMidwest Devo@1Lap
60167Charlie LUNIEWSKILionhearts Junior Racing@1Lap
61206Luke MCCAFFERY@1Lap
62244Finn PARKER@1Lap
63179Griffin MILLERTeam Louisville Cyclery@1Lap
64185Zachary LOWEJackson VeloSports@1Lap
65178Jack Barrett STRINGHAMLake Washington Velo@1Lap
66212Will KNOWLESASU Junior Development@1Lap
67171Ben WALKER@1Lap
68172Owen BOTTBaltimore Youth Cycling@1Lap
69197Dillon COSPERBaltimore Youth Cycling@1Lap
70199Joe SPRANGER@1Lap
71155Henry ELBERTThe Pony Shop@1Lap
72188Duncan NUNNELLYBike Barn (Texas)@1Lap
73157Conner WILSONLionhearts Junior Racing@1Lap
74240Eamon MCINTYREThe Pony Shop@1Lap
75234Lukas BRANDTBaltimore Youth Cycling@1Lap
76163William REPENNINGMidwest Devo@1Lap
77200Dylan JAY@1Lap
78152Keenan BILLINGSNew England Devo p/b Cadence We@1Lap
79241Dane HOOKSKCOI U20@1Lap
80211Alexander YEATER@1Lap
81195Jack PALMERMidwest Devo@1Lap
82189Brydon PATSCHKEBaltimore Youth Cycling@1Lap
83227Lawrence SHRIEVEMidwest Development Cycling Inc@1Lap
84239William PALMERMidwest Devo@1Lap
85174Nicholas SHAWBaltimore Youth Cycling@1Lap
86217Jasper HALLFt. Wayne Outfitters@1Lap
87187Anson SPERRYMidwest Devo@2Lap
88183Aidan HELTBaltimore Youth Cycling@2Lap
89176Gabriel SCHMITZKCOI U20@2Lap
90161Liam CANTRELL@2Lap
91232Thomas BYRNEByrne Racing LLC@2Lap