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Eric Brunner (University of Colorado-Boulder) started fast and ran away with the Collegiate Club National Championship on Thursday in Lakewood.

Calder Wood (Cal Tech San Luis Obispo) took second and Jack Tanner (University of Colorado-Boulder) third. Andrew Borden (Castleton University) and Sam Noel (University of Vermont) rounded out the wide-angle podium.

Full results are below.

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Photo: Eric Brunner in Lakewood by A. Yee.

Collegiate Club Men Results: 2019 Lakewood Cyclocross Nationals

1907Eric BRUNNERUniversity of Colorado Boulder42:54.
2918Calder WOODCalifornia Polytechnic-San Luis44:58.
3908Jack TANNERUniversity of Colorado Boulder45:26.
4919Andrew BORDENCastleton University45:38.
5913Sam NOELUniversity of Vermont46:09.
6914Finnegan OCONNORUniversity of Vermont46:24.
7941Ryan CURRIEOklahoma State University46:42.
8902Tayne ANDRADEColorado State University47:04.
9927Jim MADDOCKNorthwestern University48:20.
10930Harrison WINKELWestern Washington University48:47.
11932Sterling QUINNUniversity of Washington-Seattl48:54.
12938Justin MILLERPurdue University49:01.
13926Seamus OCONNORWALKERUniversity of Iowa49:14.
14903Sebby FRIMATColorado State University49:31.
15910Patrick FRANKUniversity of Vermont49:36.
16917Clyde LOGUEDartmouth College49:41.
17937Stephen SCHAEFERArizona State University49:53.
18929Jacob LIPPERTNorthern Arizona University50:35.
19906John NOONANUniversity of Arizona50:49.
20931Marco AMMATELLIUniversity of Washington-Seattl50:50.
21921Dylan OGLEUniversity of Georgia51:39.
22922Joe WHALLEYUniversity of Georgia52:24.
23920Connor LAKEUniversity of Georgia52:48.
24936Luuk MACKENZIEMontana State University52:48.
25912Gabriel LAVENDELUniversity of Vermont55:07.
26904Alexander JOHNSONColorado State University42:59.
27915Rowan CROWLEYUS Military Academy43:14.
28923Clay ALLREDUniversity of Idaho43:41.
29940Max MUNAFOUniversity of Vermont43:50.
30916Andrew MERGENUS Military Academy44:25.
31935Thomas HOPEOregon State University44:37.
32939Xavier KOONTZ MILLERUniversity of Vermont45:32.
33905Timothy MALEYUniversity of Arizona46:13.
34925Jack NAGLAUniversity of Iowa46:19.
35933Reid SCHURUniversity of Washington-Seattl49:15.
36924Brandt SOUVENIRUniversity of Idaho49:50.
37909Nathaniel CASSIDYUniversity of Vermont52:32.
38911Luke KNISLEYUniversity of Vermont58:28.
DNF901Ross ELLWOODUniversity of Colorado Boulder