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Caleb Swartz (Marian University) took the Collegiate Varsity title in Lakewood, WA on Thursday, finishing ahead of Tyler Orschel (Brevard College) and Scott Funston (Colorado Mesa University).

Full results are below. Stay tuned for a race report.

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Photo: Caleb Swartz in Lakewood by A. Yee.

Collegiate Men Varsity Results: 2019 Lakewood Cyclocross Nationals

RankBibNameAffiliationTimeSplit TimeLaps
1801Caleb SWARTZMarian University43:29.8:46.5
2820Tyler ORSCHELBrevard College43:51.8:48.5
3822Scott FUNSTONColorado Mesa University44:06.8:51.5
4816Tyler CLARKBrevard College44:13.8:57.5
5803Cade BICKMOREMarian University44:20.8:43.5
6812Guy LESHEMFort Lewis College44:23.8:53.5
7814Henry NADELLFort Lewis College44:34.8:56.5
8832Keith MULLALYMilligan College45:03.9:13.5
9824Daxton MOCKColorado Mesa University45:11.9:03.5
10811Keiran EAGENFort Lewis College45:13.9:04.5
11815Carson BECKETTBrevard College45:27.9:04.5
12809Sam BROWNFort Lewis College45:45.9:04.5
13813Cormac MCGEOUGHFort Lewis College45:45.8:58.5
14810Harrison BUCKLEYFort Lewis College46:06.9:19.5
15821Liam EARLColorado Mesa University46:36.9:40.5
16823Trevor MCCUTCHEONColorado Mesa University46:52.9:17.5
17807Nathan KNOWLESMarian University46:53.9:19.5
18818Ryan JOHNSONBrevard College47:19.9:31.5
19827Andrew SCARANOSavannah College of Art and Des47:27.9:39.5
20806Eli HOUSEMarian University47:35.9:44.5
21825Simon LEWISSavannah College of Art and Des47:46.9:29.5
22805Michael HEMMERLINMarian University47:47.9:30.5
23819Tyler MIRANDABrevard College48:32.10:06.5
24817Dalton COLLINSBrevard College49:28.9:53.5
25831Blake HOWARDMilligan College49:58.9:53.5
26836Amai RAWLSLindsey Wilson College50:16.9:51.5
27829Byrne DOBRIENTLindenwood University51:42.10:01.5
28828Justin BIRDLindenwood University51:42.10:11.5
29808Cole MCDICKENMarian University52:23.10:19.5
30804Juan GONZALEZMarian University52:30.10:34.5
31830Jonah MEADVANCORTLindenwood University53:12.10:45.5
32802Chandler BALLARD PEPPERMarian University53:13.10:37.5
33835Cade ESTESLindsey Wilson College53:35.11:02.5
34833Garrett SMITHMilligan College44:54.11:15.4
DNF826Artur SAGATSavannah College of Art and Des9:57.4