Last year’s Sea Otter Classic Cyclocross race proved to be the last, as the ’cross exhibition was not on the calendar of races at the 2019 Sea Otter Classic.

Last year's Sea Otter cyclocross race was the last. 2018 Sea Otter Classic Cyclocross Race, Pro Men and Women. © J. Silva / Cyclocross Magazine

Last year’s Sea Otter cyclocross race was the last. 2018 Sea Otter Classic Cyclocross Race, Pro Men and Women. © J. Silva / Cyclocross Magazine

Fortunately for the dirt-inclined, there were two opportunities to race at Sea Otter, with a short-course UCI HC XC mountain bike race on Thursday and a one-lap long-course XC race on Sunday.

The short-course HC XC race took place on a 5 km lap at the Laguna Seca venue where Sea Otter takes place. The race featured relatively fast 10 t0 15-minute laps, with the men doing 8 laps and the women 7.

The one-lap XC race took place on the trails at Fort Ord National Mounument on Sunday. The 20-mile course featured 3,000 feet of climbing in a style of race similar to the Epic Rides Off-Road Series.

A lot of familiar names traded their cyclocross and gravel rides for mountain bikes and headed to the California coast.

Thursday HC XC

Last year at the XCO World Championships in Lenzerheide, American Kate Courtney outdueled Denmark’s Annika Langvad in the last lap to bring the rainbow stripes back to the U.S. for the first time since Alison Dunlap won at Vail in 2001.

On Thursday in the lap-based HC race, Langvad got a little bit of revenge, winning the Pro Women’s race by 30 seconds over silver medalist Erin Huck. Courtney landed on the podium in third.

Results of note include Sofia Gomez Villafane (4th), Katerina Nash (9th), Hannah Finchamp (18th), Ellen Noble (20th) and Jen Malik (23rd).

In the Pro Men’s race, wunderkind Chris Blevins continued his early-season roll with a win at Laguna Seca. Peter Disera finished second and Andrew L’Esperance third.

Some other results of note include Stephan Davoust (10th), Geoff Kabush (11th), Fernando Riveros (15th), Tobin Ortenblad (25th), Josh Berry (26th), Nick Lando (30th), Payson McElveen (31st), Carl Decker (44th), Tristan Uhl (49th), Ben Gomez Villafane (56th), Cooper Willsey (57th) and Cody Kaiser (68th).

Full results for both races are below.

Sunday UCI Long-Course XC

Sunday morning featured the second cross-country mountain bike race of the weekend. Sunday’s race was a one-lap, 20-mile loop with plenty of climbing, not all that different from the Epic Rides Off-Road series.

Langvad doubled up for the weekend, taking the win by almost a minute over Courtney. Catharine Pendrel (Clif Pro Team) rounded out the podium.

Some familiar names on the results sheet include Gomez Villafane (4th), Nash (6th), Finchamp (16th), Crystal Anthony (17th), Malik (22nd) Raylyn Nuss (25th) and Rebecca Gross (35th).

In the Men’s race, Simon Andreasson topped Blevins and L’Esperance by a few seconds to take the win.

Notable on the results sheet for the weekend is the return of McTubbbin, Tobin Ortenblad. After recovering from a broken collarbone suffered before Louisville Nationals, the Santa Cruz / Donkey Label rider has been racing the early-season UCI XCO races.

Ortenblad got his best finish of the season in the XC race, finishing in 19th.

Other results include Riveros (9th), McElveen (10th), Kabush (13th), Davoust (17th), Berry (21st), Lando (22nd), Willsey (27th), Calder Wood (34th), Decker (48th) and Robert Marion (70th).

Full results for the two races are below.

Women's Results: 2019 Sea Otter HC XC

1Annika Langvad1:21:52
2Erin Huck1:22:23
3Kate Courtney1:23:30
4Sofia Gomez Villafane1:25:38
5Catharine Pendrel1:25:41
6Chloe Woodruff1:26:27
7Alexis Skarda1:26:54
8Lea Davison1:27:18
9Katerina Nash1:27:37
10Sandra Walter1:27:57
11Rose Grant1:28:12
12Evelyn Dong1:28:29
13Savilia Blunk1:28:42
14Emily Batty1:29:19
15Kelsey Urban1:29:35
16Haley Smith1:30:46
17Kaysee Armstrong1:30:47
18Hannah Finchamp1:30:53
19Gwendalyn Gibson1:31:21
20Ellen NobleLAP
21Emma MaaranenLAP
22Cindy MontambaultLAP
23Jennifer MalikLAP
24Anna MegaleLAP
25Sonya LooneyLAP
26Nikki PetersonLAP
27Nicole TittensorLAP
28Helena Gilbert-SnyderLAP
29Sienna Leger RedelLAP
30Kate KelleyLAP
31Ivy AudrainLAP

Men's Results: 2019 Sea Otter HC XC

1Christopher Blevins1:23:45
2Peter Disera1:23:50
3Andrew L'Esperance1:24:09
4Leandre Bouchard1:24:23
5Keegan Swenson1:24:23
6Simon Andreassen1:24:23
7Sandy Floren1:24:24
8Jose Gerardo Ulloa Arevalo1:24:54
9Stephan Davoust1:25:10
10Geoff Kabush1:25:12
11Kohei Yamamoto1:25:35
12Jerry Dufour1:25:45
13Raphael Auclair1:26:06
14Rapha‘L Gagnz1:26:10
15Fernando Riveros1:26:28
16Cole Paton1:26:32
17Pete Karinen1:26:32
18Nic Beechan1:26:32
19Alex Wild1:27:36
20Alexey Vermeulen1:27:37
21Russell Finsterwald1:27:48
22Cal Skilsky1:27:52
23Ryan Standish1:28:11
24Alexander Sugarman1:28:25
25Tobin Ortenblad1:28:40
26Joshua Berry1:28:47
27Samuel Elson1:29:01
28Daniel Johnson1:29:31
29Julien Bourdevaire1:29:31
30Nick Lando1:29:36
31Payson McElveen1:29:46
32Jaime Miranda Jaime1:29:53
33Ben Sonntag1:30:05
34Kyle Trudeau1:30:21
35Jake Yackle1:30:46
36Anders Johnson1:30:47
37Trevor McCutcheon1:31:04
38Matt Behrens1:31:14
39Alec Pasqualina1:31:15
40Bryson Perry1:31:57
41Marc-Andre Fortier1:32:09
42Gustavo Pedroza Sicaeros1:32:28
43Turner Conway1:32:28
44Carl Decker1:32:30
45Noah Tautfest1:33:12
46Reade Warner1:33:29
47Noah Hayes1:33:37
48Rylan Schadegg1:34:07
49Tristan Uhl1:34:25
50Ernie Watenpaugh1:34:39
51Dylan Fryer1:34:59
52Felix Belhumeur1:35:07
53Justin DesiletsLAP
54Sean DickieLAP
55Jules GoguelyLAP
56David DuncanLAP
57Benjamin Gomez VillafaneLAP
58Cooper WillseyLAP
59Jeremy NorrisLAP
60Yuki IkedaLAP
61Derek ParsonsLAP
62Christian HusbandLAP
63Sebastian BrenesLAP
64Landon FarnworthLAP
65Brent WoodLAP
66Jim HewettLAP
67Spencer GlasgowLAP
68Cody KaiserLAP
69Shane JohnsonLAP
70Zack VillarsLAP
71Jacob HullLAP
DNFQuinton Disera
DNFNicholas Jenkins
DNFEthan Zehr

Women's Results: 2019 Sea Otter Long-Course XC

1Annika Langvad1:36:00
2Kate Courtney1:36:54
3Catharine Pendrel1:37:16
4Sofia Gomez Villafane1:37:32
5Lea Davison1:37:33
6Katerina Nash1:37:33
7Chloe Woodruff1:38:01
8Alexis Skarda1:38:06
9Gwendalyn Gibson1:39:13
10Savilia Blunk1:39:54
11Rose Grant1:39:54
12Kelsey Urban1:40:53
13Sandra Walter1:41:27
14Evelyn Dong1:42:26
15Jasmin Duehring1:44:57
16Hannah Finchamp1:45:12
17Crystal Anthony1:46:13
18Alyssa Eikmeier1:47:38
19Christine Eikmeier1:48:27
20Sonya Looney1:50:09
21Kaysee Armstrong1:50:18
22Jennifer Malik1:50:20
23Kelly Catale1:50:28
24Mina Ricci1:50:39
25Raylyn Nuss1:51:11
26Tira Denny1:52:32
27Darragh Hildreth1:53:42
28Helena Gilbert-Snyder1:53:54
29Fairlee Frey1:54:31
30Emma Maaranen1:55:16
31Anna Megale1:56:07
32Nikki Peterson1:56:56
33Sienna Leger Redel1:59:03
34Clodagh Mellett2:00:57
35Rebecca Gross2:05:48
36Kayla Kaiser2:13:01
37Ivy Audrain2:21:20

Men's Results: 2019 Sea Otter Long-Course XC

1Simon Andreassen1:23:29
2Christopher Blevins1:23:33
3Andrew L'Esperance1:23:33
4Keegan Swenson1:23:34
5Peter Disera1:23:41
6Sandy Floren1:24:00
7Alex Wild1:24:14
8Cole Paton1:24:54
9Fernando Riveros1:25:07
10Payson McElveen1:26:43
11Quinton Disera1:26:43
12Jerry Dufour1:26:44
13Geoff Kabush1:26:45
14Kohei Yamamoto1:27:12
15Alexander Sugarman1:27:12
16Peter Karinen1:27:15
17Stephan Davoust1:27:42
18Ryan Standish1:27:43
19Tobin Ortenblad1:27:50
20Dylan Fryer1:28:39
21Joshua Berry1:28:53
22Nick Lando1:29:07
23Alexey Vermeulen1:29:17
24Anders Johnson1:29:22
25Russell Finsterwald1:29:23
26Alec Pasqualina1:30:03
27Cooper Willsey1:30:47
28Karl Platt1:30:49
29David Duncan1:31:18
30Kyle Trudeau1:31:19
31Gustavo Pedroza Sicaeros1:31:19
32Daniel Johnson1:31:39
33Charlie Mullins1:31:48
34Calder Wood1:31:56
35Cody Kaiser1:32:12
36Bryson Perry1:32:25
37Sebastian Brenes1:33:12
38Zack Villars1:33:50
39Sean Dickie1:33:50
40Rylan Schadegg1:33:51
41Simon Lewis1:33:53
42Ryan Gorman1:33:54
43Eric Olsen1:34:02
44Matt Behrens1:34:35
45Justin Desilets1:34:47
46Jeremy Norris1:35:22
47Reade Warner1:35:29
48Carl Decker1:36:30
49James Roloff1:36:58
50Landon Farnworth1:37:28
51Jim Hewett1:38:06
52Turner Conway1:38:06
53Macky Franklin1:38:22
54Will Foley1:38:26
55Noah Hayes1:38:43
56Jacob Hull1:39:24
57Derek Parsons1:39:44
58Spencer Glasgow1:39:47
59Jules Goguely1:39:47
60Brent Wood1:41:06
61Nic Beechan1:41:53
62David Miller1:42:04
63Christopher Kelly1:43:21
64Christian Husband1:43:37
65Joshua Tootell1:43:46
66Shane Johnson1:45:11
67Nicolas Jimenez1:45:31
68Clint Claassen1:47:25
69Ben Goyette1:47:45
70Robert Marion1:50:46