The Elite Women and Men’s affairs were a tale of two races at Wednesday’s inaugural RenoCross.

Maghalie Rochette (CX Fever p/b Specialized) continued her hot start to the season by taking the holeshot and going wire-to-wire in the Elite Women’s race. Five-time CrossVegas winner Katerina Nash (Clif Pro Team) had an early issue that forced her to chase from the first minute, but in the end, she did not have enough to catch Rochette.

Nash finished second and Sofia Gomez-Villafañe (Pivot Cycles/Maxxis p/b Stan’s/DNA Cycling) who escaped from a chase to finish third.

Rochette remains undefeated this season with her C1 win at the 2018 Reno Cross women's race. © J. Silva / Cyclocross Magazine

Rochette remains undefeated this season with her C1 win at the 2018 Reno Cross women’s race. © J. Silva / Cyclocross Magazine

The Elite Men’s race featured about a bajillion lead changes in a group that varied from 6 to 12 bunched up at the front of the race. A last lap effort from Jamey Driscoll (Pivot Cycles/Maxxis p/b Stan’s/DNA Cycling) broke the leaders apart. Lance Haidet (Donnelly Cycling) kept his wheel, and then attacked shortly before the finish to take the win.

Driscoll finished second and Bjorn Selander (Donkey Label Racing) took third.

Lance Haidet wins the 2018 Reno Cross. © Cyclocross Magazine

Lance Haidet wins the 2018 Reno Cross. © A. Yee / Cyclocross Magazine

Full Elite Women and Men’s results are below. Stay tuned for race reports.

Women's Results: 2018 RenoCross

RankBibNameTeam Time
124Maghalie ROCHETTECXFever p/b Specialized44:30
21Katerina NASHClif Pro Team45:33
312Sofia GOMEZ VILLAFANEPivot/Maxxis pb Stans/DNA Cycli45:44
410Clara HONSINGERTeam S&M Pro CX45:54
55Crystal ANTHONYLiv Cycling45:54
67Samantha RUNNELSSquid Squad46:06
735Sarah STURMSpecialized - Tenspeed Hero46:39
818Caroline NOLANVoler Clif46:42
939Haley BATTENClif Pro Team46:42
109Cassandra MAXIMENKOVan Dessel Factory Team47:05
1115Serena GORDONLiv Co-Factory Off-Road Team47:22
1213Jennifer MALIKCarpe Diem Racing47:23
1314Rebecca GROSSZero D Racing47:35
1417Hannah FINCHAMPClif Pro Team48:06
1519Kristen LEGANTen Speed Hero48:15
1611Emily KACHOREKSquid Squad48:26
1716Beth Ann ORTONTeam S&M Pro CX48:47
1834Monica LLOYDOlympia Orthopaedic Associates48:57
198Amanda NAUMANSDG - Muscle Monster49:36
2036Gabriella STERNEVanderkitten Entourage Racing50:48
2132Chelsea WEIDINGER51:05
2222Turner RAMSAYAlpha Bicyle Company/Groove Sub51:15
2320Campbell STEERSRock Lobster51:18
2423Petra SCHMIDTMANNVan Dessel Factory Team51:20
2531Lisa CORDOVACycle Sport / Specialized52:10
2637Ivy AUDRAINSpeedvagen Workshop Racing Team@1Lap
2738Nicole JORGENSON@2Lap

Men's Results: 2018 RenoCross

16Lance HAIDETDonnelly Cycling1:00:35
25James DRISCOLLPivot Maxxis p/b Stans DNA Cycl1:00:37
312Bjorn SELANDERDonkey Label / Bingham Built1:00:39
42Michael VAN DEN HAMGarneau-Easton Cycling1:00:43
54Anthony CLARKSquid Squad1:00:45
645Stephan DAVOUSTGiant Bicycles1:00:48
71Tobin ORTENBLADSanta Cruz / Donkey Label Racin1:00:59
811Geoff KABUSHYeti Maxxis Shimano1:01:14
910Troy WELLSTEAM CLIF BAR Cycling1:01:23
107Cody KAISERLangeTwins / Specialized1:01:33
118Allen KRUGHOFFChocolove Specialized1:02:15
1215Carl DECKERGiant Bicycles1:02:27
1316Brannan FIXAlpha Bicyle Company/Groove Sub1:02:34
1438Nicholas BEECHANTrek Test Team1:02:41
1513Kevin BRADFORD-PARISHSet Coaching1:03:14
1619Tristan UHLGiant Co Factory1:03:18
1756Allan SCHROEDERTeam Bobs-Bicycles.com1:03:19
1818Mark FLISAsend Nutrition1:03:48
1914Max JUDELSONRock Lobster1:04:15
2035Benjamin GOMEZ VILLAFANEGarneau-Easton p/b Transitions1:04:37
2120Jules GOGUELYHyperthreads Apex1:04:43
2261Molly CAMERONPoint S Nokian1:04:48
2341Russell STEVENSONTrek Cyclocross Collective1:04:56
2422Christian HUSBANDTeam Velosport Junior & U23 Dev1:05:03
2563David GREIFVelo Reno1:05:16
2662Mark SEVERYAdventures Edge1:05:31
2749Sawyer BOSCHTeam Bobs-Bicycles.com1:05:33
2847Tim WOLLENBERGStevens Racing Team1:05:41
2951Ryan RINN1:06:00
3050Noah HAYESRock Lobster1:06:50
3121Brendan LEHMANRock Lobster1:07:32
3246Justin THOMASTCI Wealth Advisors1:07:32
3353William ALLENFeedback Sports1:07:41
3457Stephen COCHRANBreakaway Cycles1:07:47
3560Lucas STRAINPoint S Nokian1:07:54
3637Oleksiy UKHANOVHudson/Ludwig & Larsen Racing@2Lap
3736Timber WEISSVelo Reno@2Lap
3859Brad NELSON@2Lap
3934Aaron BRADFORDRock Lobster@3Lap
4030Anastasio FLORESSpokesman CX@3Lap
4132John MUNDELIUSAudi San Francisco Racing Team@3Lap
4217Marco OBERTEICHERRSV G??tersloh@4Lap
4344David MCNEALD9 Foundation / DNA Race Team@4Lap
4439Gannon MYALLCanyon Bicycles@4Lap
4533William YOUNGMANKinetics Cyclocross@5Lap
4658Clinton CLAASSENSanta Cruz / Fox Shimano@5Lap
4755Steve OUZOUNIANReno Juniors@5Lap
4843Michael POTTERPactimo p/b Mock Orange Bikes@6Lap
DNF31Dean POSHARDRock Lobster