Francis Mourey outkicked Ryan Trebon to win his first cyclocross race in the States. © Joe Sales

Francis Mourey has established himself among the best on the world cyclocross stage, including taking fourth place at Worlds in St. Wendel and winning his sixth French title this year. But the American interest in the Frenchman skyrocketed when he stormed our shores and won Starcrossed, the Rad Racing GP and CrossVegas (with a crazy late kick to the line) in succession. This video may be old news − it’s from the 2010 French National Championships, about 14 months ago! − but I’d never seen it before, and found it spectacular. I guess I have a soft spot for a tooth-and-nail battle, slow motion black and white cinematography…and, of course, cyclocross.

Check out this all-out push to the line between Francis Mourey and Steve Chainel, who one season later would become teammates on Mourey’s long time Francaise des Jeux squad, as they face-off for the bleu-blanc-rouge French national tricolor jersey. And how about the post-finish-line body language? I can’t stop watching it.

Apologies for the intro ad from the video hoster (and to those who could do without Eminem in a ’cross video − but it works).

Mourey vs Chainel Video, 2010 French National Cyclocross Championship:

And, while you’re at it, how about hearing from Mourey himself just after he sprinted to victory to kick off the 2010/2011 season in his first-ever cyclocross race on American soil. Besides, it seems appropriate to start looking back on last year’s early season as we look ahead to the upcoming one. And check out this video interview with Mourey after his finale on US soil, the Planet Bike USGP.

Mourey at 2010 Starcrossed: