Mourey chats after 2010 SunPrairie USGP

It’s St Patrick’s day, and somehow we’re focusing on a famous Frenchman – but we’ll keep rolling with it. Amy Dykema shot this in-depth interview for Cyclocross Magazine immediately after Mourey’s final race on US soil, the Sun Prairie USGP weekend in Madison, Wisconsin. Really good, interesting stuff. Mourey’s impressed with American racing and courses, and (surprise, surprise!) he realizes that the size of the US, frequency of racing and amount of necessary travel makes it difficult to get adequate rest – something that American Elite racers have long pointed to as a key difference between racing in the States and in Europe.

If you missed the two clips we posted earlier today – of the 2010 French Championship and an interview after CrossVegas – make sure you check ’em out too!

Francis Mourey Post-race Interview at Sun Prairie USGP:

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