More than any other type of cyclist, cyclocrossers have an infatuation with embrocation. The ointments can help protect your skin from the elements, and give you a sense of warmth when it’s cold outside – not just during cyclocross but also during the wet winter and early spring season. With the growth of the cyclocross, there’s an ever-growing number of choices and flavors. We take a look at two all-natural from Chomper Body.

by Greg Klingsporn

Chomper Body “Crank Embrocation” Rub ($15.00 / 4 oz.):

Chomper Body's Crank Embrocation for cyclocross

Chomper Body's Crank Embrocation

Crank Embrocation Rub comes in a tub like most other embrocations, but it comes out of the jar quite solid, more like the consistency of lip balm than a lotion, definitely more solid than other embrocations like Mad Alchemy. It spreads more easily once you’ve warmed it in hand, but it definitely takes a bit more effort to get a smooth application.

Labeled “Spicy Hot – 32-45 degrees F,” it goes on pretty hot – I was stinging pretty well for the first few minutes. After a few minutes it calmed down and kept a good steady warmth during my ride and afterward. I would rate it as overall less hot than the popular “medium” Mad Alchemy, but perhaps I was using less of it than I would have used of the Mad Alchemy. Clean up in the shower was pretty simple.

With such a solid consistency, the Crank Embrocation would be ideal to put in some sort of applicator for hands-free embrocation. At $15.00 for 4 oz. retail, it is a bit cheaper than some of the competition, and a good value.

Chomper Body “Muscle Butter” Therapeutic Lotion ($9.00 / 4 oz.):

Chomper Body Muscle Butter Recovery Lotion

Chomper Body Muscle Butter Recovery Lotion

Muscle Butter is a rubdown/massage lotion that provides a a good excuse to do some more warm-down stretching or massage after a post-ride shower. It’s described by Chomper as “a stimulating mix of rosemary, peppermint and basil essential oils” but to my nose, it was a bit too heavy on the rosemary; I kept thinking someone must have brought home a rotisserie chicken, but I was really smelling my legs.

Whether you like the rosemary smell or not, the upside is that if used after a ride, you’ll get the blood flowing in your muscles and flush out some of the lactic acid, and in doing so, you may have built up a craving for some freshly roasted recovery protein. At $9.00 for 4 oz, it’s not expensive but doesn’t last as long as the embrocation.

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