Ryan Trebon (Cannondale-Clement) won his first cx race on his Cannondale SuperX. 2012 Raleigh Midsummer Night Cyclocross Race. @Cyclocross Magazine

Ryan Trebon (Cannondale-Clement) won his first race of the season on his Cannondale SuperX. 2012 Raleigh Midsummer Night Cyclocross Race. @Cyclocross Magazine

by Kat Statman

With opening ceremonies and the men’s road race done and dusted, the women’s Olympic road race is on as I write this, and track cycling, the time trial, and the mountain bike race are all to come. Bike racing is all sorts of exciting, but not as exciting as all of the ’cross racers in the Olympics; Ryan Trebon gives us a little preview of what may come this season in Utah; Controversy Strikes Midsummer Nights Cross; If you don’t know already, you need to know, a new ’cross book!

’Crossers in the Olympics
In the men’s races, we have Belgium in the mountain bike event with Sven Nys, for the United States, we have Todd Wells, and then there’s Geoff Kabush for Canada. For the Netherlands in the road race we have Marianne Vos and France’s Pauline Prevot. And also on the women’s side, for the United States in the mountain bike we have Georgia Gould. And, of course, there are many more lesser known ’crossers taking to the starting lines. During the women’s race today, the announcer mentioned cyclocross as “that strange little sport,” but hey, at least he mentioned it!

Dealer Camp Ends, Trebon Wins
Dealer Camp has once again come and gone, and this year with a who’s who of American ’cross lining up for the Midsummer Night’s race. Ryan Trebon showed that he’s on form early and ready for the season. Clearly the focus on ’cross and the switch to another new team has been a good thing for the tall man from Oregon. But does that mean that the green machine powerhouse of two years ago will be rolling around the US again this fall?

Controversy Strikes Midsummer Nights
While Ryan taking the win is reasonably interesting news, the bigger controversy was who would get the contract from Raleigh for this year: Jonathan Page or Allen Krughoff. While I have my own view (not to be given here), it is quite a tricky decision to make, as the deal was the first placed non-contracted rider received a one year deal from Raleigh. Well, Page is technically not under contract and neither is the working man’s pro Allen Krughoff. Page turned the contract down though, and with Krughoff receiving the contract though, the controversy is now over and there is a little hope for all of us working men and women out there that one day we may make that very special group that Allen Krughoff is in.

Jake Wells’ Summer Looks to be Right on Track
Sometimes in the off-season it’s tough to hear what some ’crossers are up to and how their off-season prep is going. Well, rumors are churning that Jake is right on track with a few wins at the Vail Recreation District mountain bike races and I hear he’s been moonlighting on the road a little bit for Stan’s No Tubes. Let’s see how all the summer prep treats him this fall … I predict well.

If You Didn’t Know Already…
If you are unaware, there is a new book on cross in America coming out, Mud, Snow and Cyclocross, written by our very own Molly Hurford. So, if you love ’cross, if you love America, and if you love interesting writing and a little bit of history, you should preorder it, buy it when it comes out, or do whatever else may support this awesome project.