Nys topped the podium at Cauberg Cyclocross. Thomas Van Bracht

Nys topped the podium at Cauberg Cyclocross. © Thomas Van Bracht

If one of the top racers in the world decides he doesn’t want to come to the US to race Worlds in 2013, should we be asking him to come? The Americans 4 Nys people seem to think so, and they’re circulating an online petition to that effect. However, for some people, it seems strange to be working so hard to get a pro racer to come race the arguably most important cyclocross race in the world.

American racers have never been able to just “show up” to race Worlds. In fact, most pay at least something out of their own pockets to have the honor of representing their country at the event, and never has Trebon or Compton complained about not wanting to go because of travel. As Tim Johnson quipped on Twitter, “What, you guys didn’t see”

Other US pros have echoed the sentiment, and have said that having to “sell” Nys on coming to America is ridiculous.

Americans 4 Nys say:

When Louisville, Kentucky was awarded the 2013 Cyclocross World Championships, American cyclocross fans exploded with joy and excitement of seeing the worlds best racers battling it out for the rainbow jersey on American soil for the first time ever. All of the worlds top riders will head to Evan Banman Park on February 2nd and 3rd for their shot at the most coveted jersey in the sport. After the announcement, many riders expressed their happiness and desire to race in America. Naturally, American cross fans were excited that they would get to see the greatest cyclocross racer ever, Sven Nys race in the United States … or so we thought.

After a lackluster performance at the 2012 World Championships, Nys expressed his thoughts and feelings on his lack of success at worlds. This culminated with a truly disappointing statement from Nys: “It might have been the last one I rode. It’s probably a bit too early to say something like this but if I look at it now I feel like saying that.” This is where we come in. The Americans 4 Nys is a group of people who feel that Nys should race one more World Championship.

Americans 4 Nys is launching a “petition” expressing our desire for the greatest cyclocross racer ever to come to America for the first time and race the 2013 World Championships in Louisville. It would be a great shame and disappointment to the second largest cross nation if he were not to race in the first ever cyclocross World Championships held outside of Europe. By siging this “petition,” you’re showing your support for the “Cannibal from Baal” to come to the United States, for one last World Championship. Please, show your support for the legend that is Sven Nys and help us assure that he doesn’t skip this event.

Of course, it might be a little premature to be trying to prod Nys into deciding to come to America, since he hasn’t definitively said he won’t be, and his negative remarks came immediately after having a bad race. As far as Americans 4 Nys, the site is largely designed to be good, off-season fun for racers, but it certainly brings up some of the issues that will be arising with the Worlds shift from Europe to the US.

What does Nys have to say about his fan-base in the States? He tweeted, “Thank you to all the American fans, I’ll think it over. I will not disappoint you.”