ATTENTION!: Due to the cancellation of the “Notnationals” races on Thursday January 5th due to sheets of ice covering their course (not unlike the real Badger Prairie National Championship course), Cyclocross Magazine and are changing the location of their happy hour from Smokey’s Club to the legendary and aptly-named Natt Spill, which is located in downtown Madison.  Full announcement below.

Cyclocross Magazine and are happy to invite all cyclocross fans, especially fans and subscribers of our cyclocross coverage and magazine, to meet us for drinks and food at local legendary hotspot Nat Spil in downtown Madison.  Located blocks from the state capital at 211 King St., owner Chris Berge has started covering the walls in cyclocross photos to set the ambiance and make nationals attendees feel at home.  

When asked about the venue, Natt Spil owner and cyclocross aficionado Chris Berge said, “We are a Norwegian, Chinese, pizza disco and a DJ starts spinning music at 10 PM. It’s weird and quirky the way cyclocross people are!  I call it Portland chic.”

The Natt Spill is a cycling mecca for locals, and true to form they kick it old school.  There is no sign out front, they don’t have a phone, and even through the beers are priced well at $4 and up, you need to bring cash — no credit cards.

Cyclocross Magazine and Norcal Cycling News will be taking over the Opium Room at the back of the restaurant to meet friends from cyclocross hotspots all around the country.

“I’m bummed about ‘notnationals’ getting iced out but stoked to get into the Natt Spil for a night of debauchery with other crossnatics,” said Norcal Cycling News writer Ted Burns “It should be… memorable, if things go according to plan.”
Cyclocross Happy Hour
Date: Thursday January 5
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: Natt Spil – 211 King St, Madison, WI
NOTE: There isn’t a sign or phone, and no credit cards are accepted.

PS. If you are a current national champion, which should create an interesting puzzle, Cyclocross Magazine contributor and NorCalCyclingNews writer Ted Burns will buy you a beer. If you finished in the bottom 1%, publisher Andrew Yee will buy you a beverage of your choice.