Werner leads White through the barriers. © Todd Prekaski

Werner, shown here at Baystate, edged Livermon to make it two for two in North Carolina. © Todd Prekaski

Saturday’s results at the North Carolina Grand Prix can hardly be called flash-in-the-pan wins as Kerry Werner and Beth Ann Orton were able to make it to the top of the podium today, although both of their victories were narrower than the first day.

Orton, taking her first UCI win of her career on Day One, had to contend with the rising force of Ellen Noble, winner of both days at Baystate and Sunday’s race at NBX, who put up a the best fight in the women’s elite field, and Orton crossed the finish line a little over ten seconds ahead. It appears that Orton was able to fix her derailleur issues that happened after she won on Saturday.

Laura Winberry, whose Speedvagen Pro Bike we recently profiled last month, was able to take the last step of the podium, one of her more impressive results in a UCI race, although she is fiercely competitive in the Cross Crusade, including taking a win this year at the Halloween race.

In the Men’s Elite Race, Kerry Werner was able to repeat his success from the day before, although he waited until the last possible second to outkick Travis Livermon at the line.

Andrew Dillman, a U23 rider who tried his legs at several World Cup events for the United States last season, rounded out the poidum, his second third place finish along with the one he earned in Cincinnati. Local legend Robert Marion improved from the day before to finished fourth.

2014 NCGP Women's Elite Race, Day Two

1Beth Ann ORTON3340:44:00
2Ellen NOBLE1940:56:00
3Laura WINBERRY3041:06:00
4Allison ARENSMAN2041:27:00
5Brittlee BOWMAN3041:31:00
6Hannah ARENSMAN1641:34:00
7Elizabeth SO2641:55:00
8Nicole THIEMANN3542:00:00
9Jane BURLEW4042:04:00
10Christina BIRCH2842:19:00
11Laurel RATHBUN1842:28:00
12Emily SHIELDS2142:36:00
13Carol Jeane SANSOME3942:41:00
14Rebecca BLATT3442:47:00
15Avanell SCHMITZ2842:53:00
16Katherine SHIELDS2143:08:00
17Sara TUSSEY3543:14:00
18Katherine SANTOS1743:22:00
19Corey COOGAN CISEK3743:43:00
20Sarah HILL2144:16:00
21Jennifer MALIK2344:27:00
22Mackenzie GREEN1744:55:00
23Jenna BLANDFORD3045:11:00
24Victoria STEEN3345:26:00
25Kimberly FLYNN4245:45:00
26Melissa PRESNELL3146:18:00
27Susan HELM-MURTAGH5048:14:00
28Julie PAISANT4448:43:00

2014 NCGP Men's Elite Race, Day Two

1Kerry WERNER231:03:45
2Travis LIVERMON261:03:45
3Andrew DILLMAN201:04:15
4Robert MARION321:04:19
5Tristan COWIE251:04:19
6Troy WELLS301:04:21
7Anthony CLARK271:04:22
8Ben FREDERICK251:04:42
9Eric THOMPSON251:05:23
10Brendan RHIM191:05:23
11Bradford PERLEY251:05:50
12Josh KELLEY311:05:54
13Kevin BRADFORD-PARISH321:06:06
14Westley RICHARDS291:06:15
15Lewis GAFFNEY221:06:49
16Weston SCHEMPF371:06:55
17Frank TRAVIESO341:07:30
18Adam MYERSON421:07:37
19Andrew REARDON321:07:40
20Byron RICE181:08:11
21Robert RIMMER241:08:36
22Joshua JOHNSON221:08:41
23Philip SHORT231:09:08
24Nicholas VAN WINKLE331:10:01
25Andrew BAILEY19
26Gunnar BERGEY21
28Elliott BARING19
29Dan WOLF25
30Christopher RABADI26
31Grayson BROOKSHIRE18
34Hunter RESEK22
33David HALL38
35Myles LIETZKE28
38Lucas LIVERMON31
36Joshua WHITMORE38