Noble, shown here racing in Canada, has taken a row of breakthrough wins recently. © Andrew Reimann

Noble, shown here racing in Canada in her JAM Fund kit, has taken a row of breakthrough wins recently. Before, during and after the race, Noble is usually wearing a smile. © Andrew Reimann

Almost a month ago, Ellen Noble passed the pits one final time at Day One of the Supercross Cup. She was zipping up her kit and passing a few words of excitement to cyclocross legend Edwin Bull. Noble had just had one of the most impressive rides of her life, taking a commanding lead and putting in enough digs to leave the rest of the field behind.

150 meters later, as Noble raised her hands in a salute of victory, Arley Kemmerer put in a final push and took the race at the line. It was an impressive effort by Kemmerer, but it was also heartbreaking to see Noble understandably crushed.

A weekend later, Noble found her first win at Baystate, and followed it up with another on Day Two. It was at NBX, however, where Noble really found redemption. Behind Crystal Anthony with a gap comparable to the one she had on Kemmerer at the Supercross Cup, Noble never gave in, and took a great win by inches.

“It feels absolutely amazing,” she told Cyclocross Magazine. “I know how much it hurts to be on the other end, and it makes me appreciate [this win] even more.”

We had to ask her if she is setting higher expectations for herself as her form is peaking. “At first I wondered if I could see how long this could last. Now, I’m starting to take [Nationals] a lot more seriously. I have a great coach and a great team… I really hope this can be my best Nationals to date.”

No words can adequately describe Noble’s energetic vibes and great personality, both which can be seen brimming in her interview. She certainly will be a force to be reckoned with in Austin at the 2015 National Championships.

Ellen Noble’s NBX Video Interview