SEIDO Components has a new wheelset our readers might find interesting. See the announcements below and stay tuned for a review.


Launched on the scene back in April, SEIDO Components is the exciting new sister brand to the German brand, Bombtrack Bicycle Co.

The SEIDO family has been developed and nurtured symbiotically with BombtrackBicycleCo., resulting in a range of high-quality components, designed from the ground up without compromise. Every Seido component inherits the same Bombtrack DNA, programmed with the lessons learned from years of adventure off the beaten track.

Gravel riding and bike-packing have been raisonsd’etre for Seido. The result is an extensive range of purpose-designed components starting with the elegant and super sleek Swift bottle cage, right up to the race-ready Acceleron carbon fiber wheelset. SEIDO Components are there to stoke the fires of the all-road revolution.

With the ultradistance race event as the design brief, the Acceleron wheelset leads the pack, carving its way through the extreme routes where the race assistance crews have long gone and the bike is your only buddy. Qualified to perform, it features a lightweight but robust tubeless-ready asymmetric carbon rim, pre-installed with tubeless tape and aluminum tubeless valves. Acceleron is available in two variants; a hookless 650b configuration and a hooked 700c configuration. The 650b variant features an internal rim width of 27mm, handling tires from 40 mm up to 65mm/ 2.5 inch. This wheelset is by no means a one-trick pony. Equip it with a set of 47mm tires and discover an aerodynamic setup born top low down gravel roads at full gas. Or load up with some thicker rubber for when remote and rugged trails are the only possible route.

SEIDO Components Acceleron Wheelset

SEIDO Components Acceleron Wheelset

When tackling rough terrain, maintenance of momentum can dictate the difference between efficiently taking a line, and being halted at the first large rock. The 700c configuration ticks both boxes. With an internal rim width of 21mm, allowing for a maximum tire width of 55mm/ 2.1 inches, Acceleron makes the most of the inertia found in a 29er setup, seriously pushing the envelope of the all-road bike concept.

But there’s more in the locker. The 700c super versatile version also loves tires down to a minimum width of 30mm, making it a great performing road bike upgrade. It’s truly an all-road wheelset in every sense.

The Acceleron comes fully loaded with a rear hub featuring a tight 3.5° engagement gap, so whether it’s the cyclo-cross course, criterium track, or unpaved mountain pass, the power in the pedal stroke is always there when it’s called upon.

SEIDO Components Acceleron Wheelset

SEIDO Components Acceleron Wheelset

But it’s not all go. Confident stopping power when descending those mountain passes is vital. With the accelerons, this comes with the help of an ultra-reliable center-lock disc mount interface, allowing for the easy fitting of a vast range of top-end brake rotors.

Speed, versatility, and technical specifications alone are not the sole elements that make a top performer. Seido designs are heavily invested in the requirement to optimize the potential longevity of the product. Serviceability is a key element in achieving this requirement. Built in a 2x pattern using 28 traditional and readily available J-bend spokes, onto hubs supported by a set of bearings from the world-renowned TPI of Taiwan, Acceleron successfully unites reliability and performance. Not bells and whistles, but maximum peace of mind.

SEIDO Components Acceleron Wheelset

SEIDO Components Acceleron Wheelset

The SEIDO Acceleron wheelset should be available at retailers and on our webstore from mid-January 2023, but keep an eye out and order quickly, they are expected to sell out fast.

27-584 / 21-622

Asymmetric Carbon fiber rim with
650B with 27 mm internal width, tubeless ready, hookless
700C with 21 mm internal width, tubeless ready, hooked

25 / 28 mm (650B / 700C)

12 x 100 mm, TPI Bearings, 28H

12 x 142 mm, TPI bearings, 102T (3.5°) engagement, 28H

Pillar PSRTB2016 Triple Butted Spokes, 2x lacing F/R

Pillar DSN 14G

HG (XDR, Microspline separately available)

Disc only

Super light carbon rim wheelset for road, gravel racing, and trail riding. 3.5° engagement
Max. System weight: 100 kg

Pre-installed tubeless tape, aluminum tubeless valves

650B: 1428 g (HG, 12mm TA, w/ tubeless tape)
700C: 1532 g (HG, 12mm TA, w/ tubeless tape)

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