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Start of the Elite Men's race at Day 2 of the 2016 CXLA. © Philip Beckman

Start of the Elite Men’s race at Day 2 of the 2016 CXLA. © Philip Beckman

Chance Wins Wet U23 Race

Day two of CXLA saw a drastic difference in conditions from Day One for the U23 Men’s race as Maxx Chance (Evol Racing) would better yesterday’s performance by one step up on the podium to take the win. Rain fell during much of the 50 minute affair making the mostly grass course slick but not too muddy.

“Race was fun. It was really good, nice and muddy. I started on mud tires, just for some extra grip. I tried to stay at the front, control the pace, not get too much mud in my eyes. Just kept riding hard through the front, and knew whoever hit the pavement first was gonna take it. So, I just tried to be the first one there,” said Chance.

Saturday’s winner Grant Ellwood (Boulder Cycle Sport/YogaGlo) took the holeshot just in front of Chance with Lance Haidet (Raliegh Clement) and Brannan Fix (Alpha Bicycle Company – Vista Subaru) close behind. That group would quickly form a gap over the rest of the field and make it stick to the end.

Haidet held a lead heading into the final lap, but Chance set off on a determine chase, catching Haidet with half a lap to go and distancing him for a convincing gap that allowed him to celebrate. Chance was followed by Fix, Haidet, Ellwood and Cameron Beard (Cannondale p/b Devo).


Gomez-Villa Repeat Junior Men Winner

The UCI Junior Men 17-18 presented by saw Benjamin Gomez-Villafane (CycleSport- Villafane) repeat as the victor for a second day. “The race went super well today,” said the 16-year-old California native. “I got the holeshot and led from the gun, and pretty much kept it thin through the sand pit just to be first through there. Then we got to the flyover, and I had a tiny litttle gap, so I just kept it thin and eventually opened up the gap. Eventually, halfway through the race, it (the gap) got to 30 seconds. The last two laps it started to close a bit, but I just held it, tried to be smooth, consistent, not make too many mistakes.”


Katerina Nash over the barriers and in the lead at CXLA. © Philip Beckman

Katerina Nash over the barriers and in the lead at CXLA. © Philip Beckman

Nash Expands Her Domain in the Rain

In a downpour of rain, Katerina Nash (LUNA Pro Team) proved she could win at CXLA no matter the conditions. The women’s race opened up quickly despite the rain.

The field was headlined by Katerina Nash (Luna Pro Team) and Amanda Miller (Boulder Cycle Sport / YogaGlo) with many of the top domestic podium contenders such as Ellen Noble, Katie Compton, and Caroline Mani either taking the weekend off or over in Europe for the next set of World Cups.

Miller took the holeshot down the long paved start straight and led the field into the first lap. It took less than half a lap for a lead group of Katerina Nash, Miller, Sofia Gomez-Villafane (Tenspeed Hero-Pivot), and Courtenay McFadden (GE Capital-American Classic) to form.

Elite Women's podium at Day 2 of CXLA. © Philip Beckman

Elite Women’s podium at Day 2 of CXLA. © Philip Beckman

After a lap and a half of riding together, Nash attacked and the remaining three were left to fight for second. “The conditions were really fun today, muddy and slick and challenging. I really enjoyed riding around this course,” commented Nash.

Mindy McCutcheon (DNA-Cotton Sox) fought hard to get on terms with the first chase group but could not make the junction, coming in fifth.

“The conditions were really fun today, muddy and slick and challenging. I really enjoyed riding around this course,” commented Nash.

The weekend sweep was complete as Nash easily rolled through for the win followed by Miller, who commented, “I really enjoyed the course out here today, lots of slippery corners. The conditions were pretty epic for L.A. But it was fun. Fun to chase Katerina around here, and have a home battle with Courtenay (McFadden) and Sophia (Gomez Villafane). Happy to be here and hope to be here next year.”

Ortenblad Doubles His Elite UCI Wins, Sweeping the Weekend

Elite Men's race action at Day 2 of CXLA. © Philip Beckman

Elite Men’s race action at Day 2 of CXLA. © Philip Beckman

As the Elite Men took to course the second day of CXLA the rains had stopped and the temperatures had dropped. The men didn’t let the rain or increasingly slick and muddy course slow them down, and blasted off to hit the course with cyclocross veteran Jonathan Page (Fuji) grabbing the holeshot. Soon Page was quickly replaced at the front by Yannick Eckmann (Boulder Cyclesport-Yogaglo).

The conditions and early attacks were not enough to dampen the spirits of Tobin Ortenblad (Santa Cruz Factory Racing), as he set off to repeat his winning performance from Saturday and double his Elite UCI wins.

The top 15 riders stayed relatively compact through the first lap with no one getting away thanks to the watchful eye of Tobin Ortenblad (Santa Cruz Factory Racing).

The end of lap one saw a group of 12 riders led by Ortenblad waiting for someone to make a move. That move came from Michael van den Ham (Garneau-Easton Cycling) who attacked through the sand pit and quickly began putting bike lengths between him and the chasers. Ortenblad was quick to react to the move and joined Van den Ham off the front with the two of them beginning to build a lead. Van den Ham repeatedly surged in attempt to shake Ortenblad from his wheel only to settle in and work with him as lap two came to a close and they had grown their lead to 6 seconds over a large 11 man chase group.

A mechanical on lap two eliminated Page’s podium hopes.


The sand pit provided plenty of challenge at CXLA. © Philip Beckman

The sand pit provided plenty of challenge at CXLA. © Philip Beckman

The following laps continued in as similar fashion as the two riders off the front tried to press their advantage, only to be held back by Allen Krughoff (Boulder Cyclesport-Yogaglo), Yannick Eckmann, Troy Wells (Team Clif Bar), Jamey Driscoll (Raleigh-Clement), Justine Lindine (Apex-NBX-Trek), Cody Kaiser (Lange Twins-Specialized), among others. The hard charging pace began to cause riders to fade and caused a reshuffle of the groups.

Eventually, Lindine, Wells, and Driscoll worked their way up to the duo of Ortenblad and Van den Ham. This group of five continued to hold off an immediate chase group of Krughoff, Eckman, Kaiser, and Adam Craig (Giant Factory Off Road) that were back at around forty seconds. Casualties of the high pace included Jonathan Page and Geoff Kabush (Scott), who both began to drift off the back.

With three to go, there was no major change in the placings. Soon after passing through the finish area, Driscoll put in a big dig which was closely followed by all in the group except for Wells, who began to fade through the lap and was eventually gapped. Driscoll continued to be on the offensive repeatedly putting in big efforts and at time holding a several bike length advantage only to have Ortenblad close it down.

Tobin Ortenblad doubles up at the 2016 CXLA. © Philip Beckman

Tobin Ortenblad doubles up at the 2016 CXLA. © Philip Beckman

With Ortenblad always attentive at the front, it was Driscoll who put in the move at one to go that would shatter the pack of five with Wells and Lindine being the first to go out the back.

Coming through and seeing one to go, Ortenblad continued to lead with Driscoll, Van den Ham, and Lindine right on his heels, Wells sat over 20 seconds back, and the chase group of Krughoff, Eckmann, Craig, and Kaiser close to a minute back.

Leading into the last set of barriers, Ortenblad came around Driscoll, bunnyhopping his way into first. Driscoll would settle for second, Van Den Ham for third followed by Lindine and Wells.

Elite Men's podium at Day 2 of CXLA. © Philip Beckman

Elite Men’s podium at Day 2 of CXLA. © Philip Beckman

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2016 CXLA UCI Day 2 UCI Cyclocross Results - Junior Men

1172GOMEZVILLAFANE BenjaminCycleSport - Specialized0:45:36
2175FUNSTON ScottRad Racing NW0:45:49
3171WOOD CalderRad Racing NW0:45:54
4173JONES HenryBend Endurance Academy0:45:54
6188CLOUSE EvanHot Tubes Cycling Team0:45:54
7189FRANZE BrentGiant co factory0:48:19
8186BUCHANAN BraydenRad Racing NW0:48:38
9190DOODY AndrewStonehaus Factory Trek0:48:50
10187BIRKY DonovanHutch's/Bend Dental0:49:46
11185MELTON WileyMelton Design Build PB GS CIAO0:52:38

2016 CXLA UCI Day 2 UCI Cyclocross Results - U23 Men

1122CHANCE MaxxEvol Racing0:54:00
2127FIX BrannanAlpha Bicycle Company - Vista Subaru0:54:00
3121HAIDET LanceRaliegh Clement0:54:01
4123ELLWOOD GrantBoulder Cycle Sport/YogaGlo0:54:56
5130BEARD CameronCannondale P/B Devo0:56:21
6125MACKEY SkylerKCCX Elite Cyclocross Team0:56:40
7128GERCHAR GarrettClif Bar0:56:53
8134NYSTROM AndersClifBar0:57:06
9126NILES IsaacAccent Inn / Russ Hays p/b Champion System0:57:17
10132EARL LiamTeam Clif Bar0:57:52
11133ROWTON LucasTeam MBS0:59:17
12131DUNN CormacClif Bar Devo1:00:53
13144HUSBAND ChristianFull Circle Cycling1:03:26
14146PADILLA NicolasG2 Bike3 Laps
DNF147DOWNING SpencerPanache Houndstooth Racing
DNS124MCPHERSON IanEvol racing
DNS148YOSHIMOTO KenjiTeam Velosport Junior & U23 Development

2016 CXLA UCI Day 2 UCI Cyclocross Results - Elite Women

152NASH KaterinaLUNA Pro Team0:41:58
251MILLER AmandaBoulder Cycle Sport/YogaGlo0:42:09
353MCFADDEN Courtenay0:42:16
455GOMEZ VILLAFANE SofiaTenSpeed Hero0:42:23
557MCCUTCHEON MelindaDNA-Cotton Sox0:43:57
656GORDON SerenaLIV | Giant Co-Factory0:44:07
758RUNNELS SamanthaRidebiker p/b Sho-Air0:44:18
865HONSINGER ClaraTeam S&M0:44:20
981C. BERNSTEIN CaitlinVive La Tarte0:44:39
1054KACHOREK EmilySquid0:44:39
1164GHENT ChristaEvol Elite Racing0:45:29
1261ORTON Beth AnnTeam S&M Sellwood Cycle Repair0:45:46
1362MALLORY ShannonNW Women's CX Project0:46:48
1463WOOD Heidi333fab CX Factory Team0:47:01
1580ESTEP GinaTeam Group Health0:47:02
1659BLATT RebeccaVan Dessel0:47:26
1782YOUNGWERTH AbigailTenSpeed Hero0:48:19
1876KIER TerraSquareOne0:48:21
1983PERRY AnneCanyon Bicycles-Shimano0:48:34
2079KING HillaryBicycle Centres0:48:35
2166WEIDINGER ChelseaMASH SF0:50:06
DNS60ARMAN DanieleTenspeed Hero

2016 CXLA UCI Day 2 UCI Cyclocross Results - Elite Men

12ORTENBLAD TobinSanta Cruz Factory Racing1:01:12
21DRISCOLL JamesRaleigh Clement1:01:13
35VAN DEN HAM MichaelGarneau - Easton Cycling1:01:14
47LINDINE JustinApex / NBX / Trek1:01:17
56WELLS TroyTeam CLIF BAR1:02:15
610CRAIG AdamGiant Factory Off-Road Team1:02:17
74ECKMANN YannickBoulder Cycle Sport/ Yogaglo1:02:18
819KRUGHOFF AllenBoulder Cycle Sport/YogaGlo1:02:26
99KAISER CodyLangeTwins / Specialized1:02:50
1014MATTER BrianTeam Wisconsin1:03:03
1111RICHEY CraigGarneau - Easton Cycling1:03:03
1212DECKER CarlGiant Factory Off-Road Team1:03:46
138KABUSH GeoffSCOTT-3Rox Racing1:03:55
1413BRADFORD-PARISH KevinSET/coaching1:03:56
1520PAGE JonathanFuji1:04:55
1633MARSHALL Kaler1:05:23
1737FLIS MarkSquadra Flying Tigers pb Jamis Bicycles1:05:27
1839ESTES SeanCycle Sport - Specialized p/b Muscle Milk1:05:40
1916PACHECO ROSES Jose AlfredoBuena Park bicycles1:06:47
2018CLOUTIER TylerRenewed Professional Cyclocross1:07:56
2136CHAPIN ScottSanta Cruz Factory Racing1:08:47
2217CAMPBELL Kacey1st city cycling1:09:01
2329RINN Ryanvive la tarte cx - Huckleberry Bicycles1:09:54
2434FOLLMUTH Garrettsquareone helen's1:11:23
2543FLORES JR AnastasioSpokesman Cyclocross3 Lap
2641DILLON JustinG2 Bike4 Lap