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Julie Robertson Zivin (Thrive) took the Masters Women 50-54 title, edging out Elizabeth Sheldon (CXHAIRS DEVO: TREK BIKES) and Anne Flemming (Emde Sports/SOC).

Full results are below. Stay tuned for a race report.

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Photo: Julie Robertson Zivin in Lakewood by A. Yee.

Masters Women 50-54 Results - 2019 Lakewood Cyclocross Nationals

RankBibNameAffiliationTimeSplit TimeLaps
1305Julie ROBERTSON ZIVINThrive45:42.11:24.4
2303Elizabeth SHELDONCXHAIRS DEVO : TREK BIKES45:57.11:16.4
3312Anne FLEMINGEmde Sports/SOC46:16.11:34.4
4315Erica WESCOTTDeschutes Brewery Cycling Team46:26.11:37.4
5307Katrina DOWIDCHUKColavita Whole Foods Market46:42.11:30.4
6322Jodi DUQUETTEEugenia46:50.11:37.4
7310Laura TRACEBicycle Attorney47:12.12:02.4
8332Margell ABELBoulder Masters Cycling Team47:54.12:05.4
9304Tracy YATESFeedback Sports Racing48:31.12:21.4
10309Stephanie UETRECHTWebcyclery Racing49:21.12:09.4
11329Jodi CONNOLLYblack sheep velo49:43.12:36.4
12318Rhonda MORINSorella Forte49:46.12:20.4
13319Christina PROBERTTurner/ The Team50:07.12:41.4
14311Geraldine VANDER HAEGENOlympia Orthopaedic Associates50:24.12:36.4
15314Syrae WEIKLEBoulderCentre for Orthopedics50:52.12:47.4
16313Ann KENNEDYbicycleattorney com51:43.13:10.4
17324Brenna Elena WOLFORDSunnyside Sports52:20.13:03.4
18323Kimberly ROBINSONTeam Finger52:23.13:27.4
19327Susan KOLBDeschutes Brewery52:54.12:58.4
20308Lynn WELLERTeam HammerCross53:21.13:20.4
21326Anna JURGENSSplunk Race Team/CA Cycling Clu53:30.13:05.4
22331Jodie RAMEYTeam Thrive55:21.13:58.4
23320Tiedji BAKERDigestive Health Cliinic Boise57:26.14:15.4
24317Renee SHELTONdfL57:37.14:00.4
25328Christy VAHLBERGVoler/Easton/HRS/Rock Lobster p57:50.14:03.4
26325Cecilia BECERRAGroupTrail57:59.14:10.4
27321Kristen CRUPIBlack Sheep Velo45:31.15:11.3
28316Kristi PROUGHSoundpony Triad Bank46:09.15:53.3
29330Nancy ODLE52:05.17:35.3