Gage Hect (Donnelly-Aevolo) took control early to defeat Curtis White (Cannondale p/b and defending National Champion Stephen Hyde (Cannondale p/b/ in the Elite Men’s race.

Full results are below. Stay tuned for a race report.

Elite Men Results - 2019 Lakewood Cyclocross Nationals

RankBibNameAffiliationTimeSplit TimeLaps
14Gage HECHTDonnelly Aevolo1:00:32.8:45.7
22Curtis WHITECannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld1:00:49.8:44.7
31Stephen HYDECannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld1:00:55.8:50.7
43Kerry WERNER JRKona Maxxis Shimano1:01:59.8:54.7
55Lance HAIDETDonnelly Aevolo1:02:12.9:07.7
66Andrew DILLMANSDG - Muscle Monster1:02:21.8:53.7
734Logan OWENUCI PT: EF Education First1:02:35.8:56.7
816Grant ELLWOODPivot Maxxis pb Stans NoTubes1:02:41.9:02.7
99James DRISCOLLMavic / DNA Cycling1:02:52.8:57.7
1024Maxx CHANCEBlue Stages Racing1:03:05.9:11.7
117Cody KAISERLangeTwins / Specialized1:03:14.9:15.7
1213Travis LIVERMONUnattached1:03:17.8:59.7
1310Brannan FIXAlpha Bicycle Co - Groove Suba1:04:06.9:32.7
148Tobin ORTENBLADSanta Cruz / Donkey Label Racin1:04:33.9:34.7
1514Cody CUPPUnattached1:04:46.9:40.7
1612Nicholas LANDOCompetitive Edge Racing1:05:08.9:28.7
1715Kevin BRADFORD-PARISHSETcoaching p/b KBPracing1:05:11.9:25.7
1833Henry NADELLCZ Racing1:05:44.9:26.7
1955Stephan DAVOUSTGiant Factory off road1:06:05.9:45.7
2019Andrew GINIATThe Pony Shop p/b KPMG1:06:10.9:34.7
2125Rory JACKThe Pony Shop p/b KPMG1:06:13.9:11.7
2253Sean BABCOCKTeam S&M CX Sellwood Cycle Repa1:06:16.9:27.7
2311Eric THOMPSONMSPEEDWAX COM1:06:20.9:43.7
2417Ben FREDERICKORNOT x Santa Cruz1:06:26.9:29.7
2558Carl DECKERGiant Factory off road1:06:55.9:42.7
2618Tyler CLOUTIERTCCX1:07:12.9:53.7
2720Allan SCHROEDERHigh Desert Hustle1:07:24.9:37.7
2831Andrew BORDENCastleton University1:07:30.9:54.7
2921Alex RYANPactimo/Mock Orange CX Team1:07:45.9:57.7
3027Jonathan ANDERSONJ Moneys Elite Factory Professi1:08:00.10:15.7
3160Kaler MARSHALLWalla Walla Roastery p/b Jakroo1:08:08.9:50.7
3222Josh DIREENORNOT x Santa Cruz1:08:08.9:38.7
3330Joseph SCHMALZTradeWind Energy Cycling Team1:08:27.9:59.7
@1Lap41Nathan BARTONRock Lobster9:46.5
@1Lap43Terol PURSELLUnattached10:14.5
@1Lap32Andrew NICHOLASBCA Linen9:50.5
@1Lap23Jacob LEBLANCCompetitive Edge Racing10:17.5
@2Lap59Robert CUMMINGSTeam S&M CX Sellwood Cycle Repa10:11.4
@2Lap42Molly CAMERONPoint S Auto p/b Nokian Tyres9:55.4
@2Lap29Josh BAUERJiayoulife9:55.4
@2Lap51Sawyer BOSCHHigh Desert Hustle10:38.4
@2Lap54Bjorn SELANDERMNJRC10:27.4
@2Lap45Andrew LOAIZAMettle Cycling p/b Leave It On10:04.4
@2Lap56Colin DUNLAPTeam Oregon p/b Rodda Paint10:08.4
@2Lap48Stephen HARTZELBreadwinner Cycles10:20.4
@2Lap47Jacob PETERSONReynolds Roofing Racing10:27.4
@3Lap52Andrew FRANKMontana Velo10:23.3
@3Lap46Kyle JOHNSONORNOT x Santa Cruz10:22.3
@3Lap40Robert MARIONCarpeDiem Racing10:29.3
@3Lap49Christian CULPEPPERORNOT x Santa Cruz11:01.3
@4Lap44Frederick JUNGEBase Media Racing11:01.2
@6Lap57Dean POSHARDUnattached13:03.1
DNS26Adam MYERSONCycle-Smart Inc0
DNS28Dylan POSTIEREaston-Giant p/b Transitions Li0
DNS50Jordan SIRTOLITrek of New Hartford/ ESI Grips0

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Photo: Gage Hecht in Lakewood by A. Yee.