Clara Honsinger (Team S + M) unseated Katie Compton (KFC Racing p/b Trek/Knight Composites) to take the Elite Women National Championship title in Lakewood. Rebecca Fahringer (Kona Maxxis Shimano) took second with Compton holding onto third. Full results are below. Stay tuned for a race report.

Elite Women Results - 2019 Lakewood Cyclocross Nationals

RankBibNameAffiliationTimeSplit TimeLaps
13Clara HONSINGERTeam S&M CX Sellwood Cycle Repa50:16.10:08.5
24Rebecca FAHRINGERKona Maxxis Shimano50:45.10:16.5
31Katherine COMPTONKFC Racing p/b Trek/Knight51:36.10:06.5
45Courtenay MCFADDENPivot Maxxis pb Stans NoTubes52:21.10:43.5
52Kaitlin KEOUGHCannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld53:26.10:40.5
67Sunny GILBERTPactimo/ Colorado Proud54:32.10:48.5
79Samantha RUNNELSSquid x Eliel54:38.10:48.5
810Caroline NOLANVoler / Easton / HRS / Rock Lob54:46.10:49.5
919Amanda NAUMANSDG - Muscle Monster54:48.11:02.5
1017Caitlin BERNSTEINEaston/ Velocio/ MCGOVERN Cycle54:55.11:05.5
1111Crystal ANTHONYLiv Racing55:01.10:55.5
1221Sarah STURMSpecialized + Ten Speed Hero55:23.11:02.5
1325Tricia FLEISCHERTrek Cyclocross Collective55:34.10:50.5
1428Stephanie TAPLINIndigenous Wheel Co Dirt Team55:41.11:20.5
1512Carla WILLIAMSDeschutes Brewery Cyclocross Te55:46.11:08.5
168Raylyn NUSSMAAP | MINI U S Cyclocross Pro55:48.11:11.5
1740Emily SCHALDACHBitchNGrit: Ten Speed Hero and56:15.11:01.5
1813Erica ZAVETAThe Pony Shop p/b KPMG56:36.11:03.5
1923Danielle ARMANTenspeed Hero p/b Bitchstix56:51.11:24.5
2022Sophie RUSSENBERGERTeam S&M CX Sellwood Cycle Repa57:15.11:50.5
2124Beth Ann ORTONTeam S&M CX Sellwood Cycle Repa57:29.11:33.5
2227Allison ARENSMANJA King Cyclocross58:00.11:30.5
2353Heidi FRANZTete de la Course Cycling58:03.11:45.5
2426Anna DOROVSKIKHAmy D Foundation58:26.11:40.5
2550Emily CAMERONTeam United HealthCare / The 7058:26.11:23.5
2652Moriah WILSONHuck Racing58:47.11:15.5
2758Monica LLOYDUnattached59:11.11:45.5
2829Allison HALPINPDX TI p/b Elevator Coffee59:16.11:51.5
2920Emily WERNERAmy D Foundation59:18.11:56.5
3044Leslie ETHRIDGEORNOT x Santa Cruz59:29.11:41.5
3154Maddy WARDSDBC Powered by Spinergy p/b UC59:43.11:50.5
3255Ellen CAMPBELLFort Lewis College59:43.11:32.5
3316Jennifer MALIKRed Kite Fund pb BikeFettish1:00:25.12:17.5
@1Lap30Anne USHERFast Fun Nice p/b Wattie Ink12:12.3
@1Lap18Rachel RUBINOPhilly Bike Expo12:05.3
@1Lap45Rachel GEITERWalla Walla Roastery p/b Jakroo12:12.3
@1Lap56Megan FARRELLHuck Racing12:05.3
@1Lap31Erin FELDHAUSENTrek Cyclocross Collective12:23.3
@1Lap15Taylor KUYK-WHITERSCX - House Ind - DWR - HM12:48.3
@1Lap43Rhys MAYRhys May Jewelry12:38.3
@1Lap49Danielle LARSONCyclocross2theMax12:31.3
@1Lap48Alexandra BURTONPoint S Auto p/b Nokian Tyres12:18.3
@1Lap57Laura JEDDELOHKeller Rohrback12:24.3
@2Lap41Philicia MARIONCarpeDiem Racing12:45.2
@2Lap47Heidi WOODHiFi Sound Cycling Components12:38.2
@2Lap46Courtney TANNERThe Pony Shop p/b KPMG12:45.2
@2Lap51Grace Anne INGHAMGirls Racing in the South GRIT13:03.2
@3Lap14Anna MEGALETrek Cyclocross Collective13:40.1
DNS6Ellen NOBLETrek Factory Racing CX0

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Photo: Clara Honsinger in Lakewood by D. Mable.