Criteriums are a popular way for cyclocross athletes to prepare for the start of the cyclocross season, but like any bike racing event, they also bring the usual dangers of bike racing.

Racing in the Littleton Criterium on Saturday, Katie Compton (KFC Racing p/b Trek) was involved in a crash that forced her to go to the hospital. Her partner Mark Legg reported from the event on Twitter on Saturday:

According to Legg, Compton suffered a fractured radial head and ligament damage. The radial head is the top of the radius in the lower forearm near the elbow.

Compton was planning on starting her cyclocross season at GO Cross in Roanoke, Virginia on August 31 and September 1. “We’re hopeful we can still make the start of the season in Virginia,” Legg said. “She’s feeling the effects of high-siding and landing today all over her body. Fortunately, we’ve been through more serious setbacks before the start of the season so we’re pretty calm about the situation.”

During the race, Compton had flatted and was in the process of working her way back into the peloton when a crash occurred in front of her in a corner. Compton is currently recovering from the effects of the elbow fracture and force of hitting the pavement.

Featured image: Bart Hazen