The UCI Juniors 17-18 opened the racing on the final of the 2022 USA Cycling Cyclocross Nationals. See how it played out below, with reporting by USA Cycling and CXM.

Junior racing was one of the bright spots of growth at the 2022 Cyclocross Nationals, with three more Junior 17-18 men lining up than in 2021, and 21 more than the last Hartford Nationals in 2017.

Seventy three Junior Men lined up in the morning for the 17-18 race.

The top two Junior Men from the 2021 Nationals Race flipped the script and swapped places in 2022.

The race favorites going into the day were reigning national champion Magnus White (Boulder, Colo.; Boulder Juniors) as well as Koppenbergcross winner Andrew (AJ) August (Pittsford, N.Y.; FinKraft Junior Cycling Team).

The duo battled it out at the front and challenged each other through the corners.

Three laps in, August made his mark and secured a 12-second gap on White to take the stars-and-stripes jersey.

Pan American Champion and Connecticut local, David Thompson (New Canaan, Conn.; FinKraft Junior Cycling Team) completed the podium with the bronze medal.

After the race, August said, “It was my first race in the U.S. this season for cyclocross. I knew I was doing well this season based on how I did in Europe, but back here in the U.S., it’s kind of a different ballgame. I just took up the front and rode my own race, it was kind of tough to shake Magnus [White], but eventually, I was able to.”

Finkraft had a stellar Nationals, taking two spots on the podium.

See the full results at the bottom of this post.

2022 USA Cycling Cyclocross Nationals Hartford, CT Results: Junior Men 17-18

1208Andrew AUGUSTFinkraft Junior Cycling Team40:42:005
2201Magnus WHITEBoulder Junior Cycling40:59:005
3202David THOMPSONFinkraft Junior Cycling Team41:23:005
4204Miles MATTERNCXHAIRS DEVO : Trek Bikes42:10:005
5203Daniel ENGLISHBEAR CX42:30:005
6209Leif BRYANBoulder Junior Cycling42:41:005
7207Ian BROWNBEAR CX42:41:005
8206Henry COOTERiverside Racing42:56:005
9217Luke WALTERBoulder Junior Cycling43:09:005
10205Ben STOKESFinkraft Junior Cycling Team43:13:005
11213Henry RAPINZBoulder Junior Cycling43:25:005
12222Carden KINGCharge BC XC Racing43:36:005
13232Alexander SCOPINICH-BURGELNew England Devo p-b Cadence Wealth Management43:46:005
14215Eli DEBOOMBoulder Junior Cycling43:51:005
15210Calvin CONAWAYMidwestdevo43:51:005
16214James HALVERSONMinnesota Junior Cycling44:19:005
17236Jade ROHDEProterra44:26:005
18230Noah SHELTONBear CX44:27:005
19211Evan COLEMANBaltimore Youth Cycling44:28:005
21237Elias SAIGHProTerra44:35:005
22218Gavin LOPEZAvout Racing44:46:005
23216Dylan SCHROEDERProTerra44:58:005
24220Will KNOWLESProTerra Racing44:58:005
25246Finn WESTOVERTeam Booger45:18:005
26224Luke ROBINSONBoulder Junior Cycling45:23:005
27219Dillon COSPERFinkraft Junior Cycling Team45:25:005
28227Ethan DELGROSSOShane Delgrosso rider resp45:36:005
29231Presley EVANSMiller School of Albemarle46:06:005
30228Lukas BRANDTBaltimore Youth Cycling46:18:005
31234Simon PHIPPSCowbell CX Racing Squad46:53:005
32251Patrick MCDONOUGHStedmans - Specialized Racing47:03:005
33212Gus BRATETICIgnition p-b Rigd-Leitner47:35:005
34229Jake JOHANSENCascadia Junior Cycling47:48:005
35263Ned BROERSMAShark River Devo37:58:004
36233Matthew HAMSATorchys Tacos-Bike Mart37:58:004
37265James FALCONEIRIAP Junior Development p-b Corner Cycle37:58:004
38276Landon BROWNTeam Stampede37:58:004
39223Ben BOROFFBYRDS37:58:004
40262Colin GOULDAP Junior Development p-b Corner Cycle37:58:004
41252Griffin LARSONGreen Mountain CX37:58:004
42225Otis ENGELPro 1337:58:004
43256Jude SERRANIFort Wayne Outfitters and Bike Depot37:58:004
44269Justin GREENStage1-Airline Cycles37:58:004
45226Collin HARTMANAvout Racing37:58:004
46267Mark WALTER717 Cycling37:58:004
47261Alejandro HUBERConnecticut Cycling Advancement Program37:58:004
48254Beck TORO-GORDONNJCX Project37:58:004
49272Patrick WOBLEStage 1-Airline Cycles37:58:004
50274Henry BERSONGuys Racing Club37:58:004
51264Elijah SINGLETONBaltimore Youth Cycling30:21:003
52248Felix ABSOLONNETTEndurance Junior Devo30:21:003
53244Michael DOBRONYIAlpha Bicycle Company - Groove Silverthorne30:21:003
54273Gus LYNOTTBaltimore Youth Cycling30:21:003
55260Joseph OTTONCTC30:21:003
56277Owen BALLARDKillington Mountain School30:21:003
57245Joseph SEIDELVerge Sport30:21:003
58240Alex REICHMANNRock Creek Velo30:21:003
59266John DAUSCHRock Creek Velo30:21:003
60268Drake DASHABD Cycling30:21:003
61242Jason SULLIVANKillington Mountain School30:21:003
62253Jacob GILSONAP Junior Development p-b Corner Cycle30:21:003
63257Graham HALVERSONBoulder Junior Cycling30:21:003
64270Samuel CURRIENew England Development p-b Cadence Wealth Management32:52:003
65235Zhiyang WANGSummit Freewheelers32:52:003
66247Tanner KALISHERNJCX Project33:05:003
67271Jensen CERVATINCTC33:24:003
68278Brenner DICKTTEndurance Junior Devo33:51:003
69250John PIERRONCyclecraft Bulldogs23:342
70243Owen BOTTBaltimore Yourh Cycling23:342
71241Spencer GIBSONAP Junior Development p-b Corner Cycle23:352
DNF249Benicio THORNEBiciclistaus2
DNF258Alexander ST ANDRETT Endurance Junior Devo1
DNS275Kaleb TOSCANOSyracuse Bike0
DNS255Evaristo OBREGONSanta Cruz Free Agent0

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