The U23 racers followed the Juniors on Sunday at the 2022 USA Cycling Cyclocross Nationals. See how the U23 Men’s racing played out below, with reporting by USA Cycling and CXM.

After last year’s U23 Champ Scott Funston graduated to the Elites, Andrew Strohmeyer (Mount Airy, Md.; CX Hairs Devo: Trek Bikes) entered the U23 Men’s race at the 2022 Nationals as the favorite.

Strohmeyer said of his race, “I thought of a little plan, but I hit the first turn, and it kind of just went out the window and something told me to just go to the front and ride hard, and it worked. I like riding conditions like this. It’s probably the best condition for me. The course was changing each lap and getting more slippery. I just had to keep my breathing under control and hit the right lines, and make sure that I was staying upright.”

Strohmeyer finished his race in a time of 52:33 to earn the Men’s U23 national title.

Jules Van Kempen (Lafayette, Colo.; Alpha Bicycle Company – Groove Silverthorne) finished in second, and Dillon McNeill (Papillion, N.E.; CX Hairs Devo: Trek Bikes) finished in third.

Van Kempen discussed the key moment in his race that helped him secure silver, “At the top of the off-camber, one of the CX Hairs riders went down in front of me and slowed the other one down, I got a little gap and held that 5 seconds back to the finish… This is my best finish at a national championships. This is exciting for me, I would have loved to take the win, but I’m happy with second for now.”

See the full results at the bottom of this post.

2022 USA Cycling Cyclocross Nationals Hartford, CT Results: U23 Men

1101Andrew STROHMEYERCX Hairs Devo:Trek Bikes52:33:006
2104Jules VAN KEMPENAlpha Bicycle Company - Groove Silverthorne53:07:006
3106Dillon MCNEILLCXHairs Devo: Trek Bikes53:16:006
4116Daxton MOCKCXHairs Devo: Trek Bikes53:35:006
5102Jack SPRANGERBear CX53:51:006
6108Dylan ZAKRAJSEK55:03:006
7124Brody MCDONALDPony Shop Cyclocross Team55:21:006
8154Nick CARTERNorthStar Development55:32:006
9162Ivan SIPPYTeam Segment 2855:36:006
10107Marcis SHELTONBear CX55:44:006
11114Austin BEARDBicycle Express Racing55:44:006
12158Carson BEARDFort Lewis College55:58:006
13113Adam MOTEUS Olympic Development56:02:006
14155George PIEPGRASFort Lewis College56:11:006
15105Lucas STIERWALTProTerra Racing56:40:006
16153Cobe FREEBURNFort Lewis College56:41:006
17109Owen BRENNEMANCXHAIRS Devo : Trek Bikes57:05:006
18131Luke ELPHINGSTONEColorado Mesa University57:25:006
19151Tanner WESCOTTAnthem Collective57:44:006
20121Vin HLUDZINSKIColorado Mesa University58:02:006
21110Adrian MAGUNFort Lewis College58:14:006
22112Luke ARENS58:25:006
23129Peter SWINANDPony Shop Cyclocross Team58:34:006
24157Nicholas TABARESNatural Grocers Cycling Team - Team Tabares58:43:006
25133Ryder UETRECHTProTerra Racing58:47:006
26115Kevin MULLALY58:53:006
27128Ryan AVERYAP Junior Development p-b Corner Cycle59:21:006
28159Justin PECKLive Play Real Estate59:28:006
29127Roscoe ZAREMBA59:38:006
30134Jacob OLANDERForever Endurance59:42:006
31137Elijah JOHNSONMilligan University59:58:006
33136Joseph LELLMAN50:43:005
34132Kristof HOPKINSStedmans-Specialized Racing50:57:005
35123Patrick FRANKUVM Cycling - JAM - NCC51:00:005
36125Oliver BOYDColorado Mesa University51:02:005
37143Trevor AUGUSTMilligan University51:38:005
38138Haru WATTSNJCX Project51:43:005
39142Aiden MAPELCompetitive Edge Racing41:36:004
40141Lucas PRICE-GLYNN41:36:004
41146Jakob CRAIGLindenwood University41:36:004
42149William SEITZMilligan University43:23:004
43139Max CHILSENLees-McRae College44:26:004
44126Kyle SMALLAlpha Bicycle Company - Groove Silverthorne33:09:003
45152Jack CAREYCBRC33:09:003
46148Owen ROGERSLindenwood University34:06:003
47144Blake DAWSONFort Wayne Outfitters34:06:003
48147Jacob BERNASVelocious Sport34:34:003
49150Keven FIGUEROA34:54:003
50145Jura GERLACHLindenwood University24:57:002
DNF120Vaughn VEENENDAALColorado Mesa University2
DNF160Garrett PAYERFort Lewis College1
DNF156Nathan CHAMPNEYLindenwood University2
DNS111Ian MCDONALDGuerrilla Enterprises LLC0
DNS140Brody BURNHAMLindenwood University0

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