The Junior Men took to the line as the first UCI title race on Sunday at the 2021 USA Cyclocross National Championships.

The 17-18-year-old men (racing age) lined up in sunny, frozen conditions.

2021 USA Cyclocross National Championships Junior Men

Magnus White took the holeshot with AJ August slotting in behind.

Race predictor favorite Jack Spranger and Frank O’Reilly Jr were determined to make it a four-man race, and through much of the first lap, it looked wide-open.

August got past White, and led the four down the finishing straight to complete Lap One in just over nine minutes.

Behind the four, Ian Brown and predicted third-place Dan English were battling for the wide-angle podium.

Two on Lap Two

August took control on lap two, gapping Spranger and O’Reilly, with White doing his best to hold on.

Spranger looked like he was paying for his lap-one effort to get to the front, while August sprinted out of corners, looking for fractions of seconds in each turn.

August hit two laps to go with a four-second advantage over White, and title dreams intact.

A Flat Fourth

August, riding a Challenge Dune tubular in the slowly-thawing conditions, stretched out his lead to 15 seconds by lap four, but then disaster struck.

The racer suffered a front flat, and had to run the turns and climbs as White closed in.

Unfortunately, August was nowhere close to the pits, and while running a climb, White pedaled by.

August lost 44 seconds on the last lap to White, and while it was enough to secure second, it was not enough to reclaim the lead after emerging from the pits.

Spranger faded to fourth, while O’Reilly climbed to third. Ben Stokes completed the wide-angle podium in fifth.

Full results below.

2021 USA Cyclocross National Championships Results: Junior Men 17-18

1209Magnus WHITEboulder junior cycling36:25:004
2205Andrew AUGUSTCannondale p/b cyclocrossworld37:01:004
3204Frank OREILLYFinKraft Cycling Team37:10:004
4202Jack SPRANGERBear National / WCX37:21:004
5208Ben STOKESCCAP TTEndurance Junior Team37:34:004
6210Daniel ENGLISHVoler/Easton/HRS/Rock Lobster p/b Joseph Kochlacs Wood Products37:41:004
7220Ian BROWNUSA Cycling Olympic Development Academy37:46:004
8237Adam MOTEGolden Leaf Avout38:05:004
9215Vaughn VEENENDAALBoulder Junior Cycling38:19:004
10222Tanner WESCOTTANTHM Collective38:43:004
11228Johnny STANZIONEBoulder Junior Cycling39:02:004
12236Adrian MAGUNApex Racing39:06:004
13234Leif BRYANBoulder Junior Cycling39:56:004
14211Carden KINGUSA Cycling Olympic Development Academy40:23:004
15214Elias SAIGHAdapt cycling40:23:004
16206Beckett TOOLEYLatinis Bicycle Repair40:37:004
17221Dylan SCHROEDERASU Junior Development40:38:004
18242Roscoe GUAGLIARDO40:57:004
19245Gavin LOPEZAvout Racing40:59:004
20241Jake JOHANSENCascadia Junior Cycling41:02:004
21218Ryan AVERYAP Junior Development p/b Corner Cycle41:03:004
22216Evan COLEMANBaltimore Youth Cycling41:04:004
23243Michael WATKINSBoulder Junior Cycling41:28:004
24213Asa CHILDVelo Childeric41:33:004
25246Nicholas BONIBoulder Junior Cycling42:17:004
26212Henry CONAWAYMidwestdevo42:22:004
27239Caiden HARTRICHCascadia Junior Cycling42:30:004
28223William MYERSFirst Flight Devo42:30:004
29224Henry PRAZNOWSKIThe Pony Shop42:34:004
30260Graydon ABELBoulder Junior Cycling42:35:004
31240Nathan VAHLBERGRock Lobster42:35:004
32217Gus WALKERIndustry Nine42:57:004
33247Adriano LUCERO43:03:004
34238Aidan KANESACX Junior Devo43:34:004
35259Haru WATTSNJCX Project43:47:004
36249Ben BOROFFBYRDS Cycling44:02:004
37231Sam ELLIOTTASU Junior Devo44:40:004
38219Calvin HINKLEHammercross44:43:004
39227Jacob GILSONAP Junior Development p/b Corner Cycle45:01:004
40273Evan NOWLINThe Fix Studio45:04:004
41226Nathan ZOLLMANNorthStar Development Cycling45:20:004
42255Gavin ABELBoulder Junior Cycling45:26:004
43244Gavin WEINSTEINLionhearts45:27:004
44229Alexander BECKErrace45:47:004
45264Joe OTTOHammerCross45:57:004
46251Dylan JAYNJCX Project46:05:004
47258Beck TORO-GORDONNJCX Project46:54:004
48254David DECKERxXx Racing46:58:004
49233Carmine MILLERA-Team Devo47:06:004
50257Benicio THORNEBikeflights.com47:08:004
51269Halen HARRISON47:43:004
52253Owen BALLARDKillington Mountain School47:59:004
53266Blake DAWSONFort-Wayne outfitters48:56:004
54232Broden KELLYnine13sports p/b SingletonCoaching49:24:004
55256Alex ST ANDRETT Endurance Junior Devo36:50:003
56235Jensen CERVATINCTC37:36:003
58263Everett LAUERNorthStar Development Cycling24:57:002
59250Connor POLENSKEAdapt Cycling24:58:002
60274Henry KAESERBroadmark/Mt Si Racing24:58:002
61272Brooks BURNETTETippecanoe Mountain Bike Association #teamTMBA25:11:002
62262Kyle MCCORDTeam Dayton25:35:002
63268Pierce MEYERMNJRC25:44:002
64252Zach GOODRICHK & G Bike Center25:48:002
65248Jura GERLACHBicycle Doctor25:49:002
66261Lexton ROCKWELLTeam Guaranteed Rate Cycling26:22:002
67271Juan Manco ALDANAXXX Racing-Athletico27:11:002
68225Artem SHMIDTHot Tubes Cycling15:341
DNF265Michael DOBRONYIAlpha Bicycle Company Groove Silverthorne2
DNF203Marcis SHELTONBear National / WCX0
DNS207Gus BRATETICBe Real Sports0
DNS267Miles DE SOUSAOnto Racing P/b Hincapie cycling0
DNS270Jonathan MEYERBUILD Cycling Academy0

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