Is this why they’re taking so long? USPS trucks being repaired. by flickr user: spatulated

Is this why they’re taking so long? USPS trucks being repaired. by spatulated on flickr

Well, it’s clear from the emails we’ve received USPS hasn’t made it that far with the magazines. Is it the price of gas? Their trucks in disrepair? (See photo). As we mentioned before, this time we used bulk rate shipping (typical magazine shipping rate & speed) but we’re really wondering if it’s worth the savings (it is significant). It’s really our bad for being so excited to tell you it was at the printers, and then later in the mail. Folks got as excited as us, but then the wait became unbearable. We’re flattered that folks really do look forward to it, but we’re really sorry it’s taking so long and that we built up excitement a little prematurely. We’re assured from our printer they went out the last week in February (29th?) but with the new shipping rate, there aren’t any post mark dates to verify this. If yours has one, please let us know what it is.

As for where they’ve arrived, California folks were getting them starting last week Wednesday (3/5), we received ours only on Saturday (3/8) and live 15-20 miles from the printer, but a few in CA still haven’t received theirs. Many Washington state folks have received theirs (Olympia, Spokane, Seattle) but not everyone. For some reason, the USPS snails and slugs may have skipped a lot of Oregon on the way, which doesn’t make any sense, but some Portland folks are magazine-less as well.

They love cyclocross, but should be out delivering instead
Postal workers love cyclocross too, but we wish they were out delivering instead. Photo by JohnCurtis

What does that mean for the Midwest and East Coasters? Not very good news – we haven’t heard of arrivals yet. When it does arrive, please do drop us a comment to let us know – we need to learn from this! Location and date would be great. One day we’ll map it all out and then have more precise predictions of arrival dates, and we’ll also present it to the USPS for an explanation of how their bulk delivery works. We think either the postal workers are taking their time to read the mag, or bulk-rate mail delivery must be reserved only for new worker hazing. Either way, it sucks it’s taking so long, and we appreciate your patience.