In the U.S., we call today Black Friday, and it’s an infamous day to shop in attempt to get all the best deals for the holidays. Some shoppers even got an early start yesterday, turning Thursday into Brown Thursday, skipping Thanksgiving Dinner to try to get the best deals before everyone else. The tradition has gotten so crazy that websites offer survival guides that help you beat the system on Black Friday.

At Cyclocross Magazine, we think the key to beating Black Friday is avoiding it. We’re taking a different approach this year, turning Black Friday into Free Friday. We won’t overwhelm you with gift guides and push you towards buying things today. Instead, we’d rather have you avoid the malls and big box stores today, ride your bike, and if you have some spare time, sit back, immerse yourself in cyclocross, and read our magazine for free today and Saturday.

There are two ways to do read our magazine for free today (and Saturday):

  1. On any device, you can read our magazine through the bookshelf below, and get instant access to any issue we’ve published all the way back to Issue 5, for free. Just login with the username & password “freefriday
  2. Or, simply download our iTunes or Android app, and download and read any of our 2015 issues for free. Login as a subscriber using the username & password “freefriday

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Happy Free Friday! Let’s make this a tradition.