Dirty Deeds race series flyerIt may be a half a world away, but if you’re looking for what seems to be some spirited cyclocross action, the Dirty Deeds series may be for you. The first race was on June 27th, and there are two more to come on July 25th and August 29th. The races take place at venues outside of Melbourne in the state of Victoria, Australia.

$10 Australian (roughly $8.50) covers race entry, and you can choose between the everything goes bike category – mountain bikes may be the most popular alternative, but there were rumors of a fixie rider crashing at regular intervals at race #1 – or the ’cross bike specific event. Of course, it’s winter right now down under, so it makes sense for ’cross season to be full-on. But really, we just wanted an excuse to post their race flyer (at left).

A Snippet from Race #1 Report, from the Dirty Deeds Web site: “An impressive crowd turned up when they were alerted to the presence of a vegan bake sale and free coffee, but stuck around when they noticed a bike race was about to break out. A number of them brought with them noisemakers – particularly cowbells, which was rad – but fortunately no bongos.”

For more info, visit the Dirty Deeds Web site.