Exciting news has emerged from the UCI World Cup! The UCI Cyclocross World Cup this Sunday will swap mud for all snow.

The 2021 Cyclocross UCI World Cup Val di Sole will be held in the Italian Alps instead of muddy Belgium. The course has been specifically designed to be held on nothing but.

This will be the very first UCI World Cup race to be hosted in all snow. This is a huge accomplishment and will potentially bolster the case that cyclocross could be in the Winter Olympics.

Though it takes a while to register a sport for the Winter Olympics, we can expect to see it in 2030 if it gets accepted.

Here’s Daan Soete doing a course recon:

Here is Daan Soete having some fun getting himself and his bike ready for a snow day. Of course, the chair lift and skiers won’t be around come race day.


The course looks like it’ll be a spectacle, and could be a challenge for racers and mechanics to get tire and tire pressure right. While file treads could be a great choice on hard pack, any moisture or loose conditions might require more than knobs.