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The Brakes & Groups

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 5.59.31 PMBEST CANTI
Shimano CX70: If it’s good enough for Nys, it’s good enough for us. Easy to adjust, affordable and powerful. $64.99 per wheel.

TRP HY/RD: Add hydraulic braking power without needing new levers. It’ll give you most of the benefits of a pure hydraulic brake with less setup hassle, no hose to cut, and nothing to bleed. That said, you have to be careful setting it up, and don’t make the mistake of using that barrel adjuster to adjust for worn pads. $149.99 per wheel.

SRAM Force 22: YAW and 11-speeds, light weight and it doesn’t break the bank (see our review on page 92 of Issue 24).

2013/2014 Cyclocross Magazine Editors’ Awards

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