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The Swag

Cross Propz. Sure you can build your own, but these are portable, sturdy, and convenient.

The PrestaCycle PrestaRatchet. This will handle any hex, Torx or screwdriver wrenching job, and make it faster and more enjoyable.

The Kali Protectives Maraka is light, comfortable, and employs some cutting-edge technology that should keep your melon safe. It was reportedly designed with cyclocrossers in mind, and it hits the mark without looking it should be in the Tour de France or on a pump track.

Okay, you may think we’re biased, but there’s a reason we chose them for our own branded socks. If you haven’t tried SwiftWick socks, especially in a CXM design, you’re missing out. Stretchy, dense, comfy, and durable. What more can you ask for? Now shipping in orange and black.

2013/2014 Cyclocross Magazine Editors’ Awards

  1. Brakes and Components Editors’ Awards
  2. Cyclocross Tires Editors’ Awards
  3. Cyclocross Wheels – Editors’ Awards
  4. Cyclocross Bikes – Editors’ Awards
  5. Cyclocross Racers & Races – Editors’ Awards
  6. Cyclocross Swag – Editors’ Awards

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