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issue24-cover-180_1024x1024We’re well into the offseason, so it’s time to take a look at the memorable people, races and products that defined the cyclocross year. For our Editors’ Awards, we didn’t simply emulate all the same categories posed to our readers, but rather tailored them to our own experiences with products we had the ability to test, with a focus on items released in the last two seasons.

Here, you can not only see some of the winners that we published in Issue 24, you get even more. Click through the pages to see the brakes, the tires, the wheels, the bikes, the racers, the races and some more of our favorite things!

2013/2014 Cyclocross Magazine Editors’ Awards

  1. Brakes and Components Editors’ Awards
  2. Cyclocross Tires Editors’ Awards
  3. Cyclocross Wheels – Editors’ Awards
  4. Cyclocross Bikes – Editors’ Awards
  5. Cyclocross Racers & Races – Editors’ Awards
  6. Cyclocross Swag – Editors’ Awards


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