Klaas Vantornout reads Cyclocross Magazine. Do you? © Cyclocross Magazine

A story about Klaas Vantornout becoming the new CXM editor? Not this year. © Cyclocross Magazine

For the past few years, Cyclocross Magazine has had the tradition of having several prank posts appear on our website on April 1: some goofy, some downright scary, and most, just a little silly. Many were reader favorites, and a few that captured readers by surprise. For example:


Of course, some of our light-hearted humor ended up not being so funny after all. The UCI did put a regulation on socks, banning high socks in racing, and many are still hopeful that cyclocross does make it to the Winter Olympics. And let’s face it, it’s only a matter of time before JPow does release an album (if you were at Worlds, you probably heard him DJing a set at the Foam Party).

Still, despite the years of fun, we declare April Fools’ posts to have jumped the shark, and refuse to participate this year in the sophomoric humor. Don’t worry, it’s not that we’re become an uptight, elitist media house, and we’re not looking for an easy out after our amazing, creative contributors whined about exhaustion after finishing Issue 20 and pleaded, “We have to race our Big Wheels this weekend and eggs to find.” But still, we decided to give April Fools’ Day a pass, which should please a few vocal grouches out there. So, we’ll be back tomorrow with new, original content of a serious nature, but for now, the Easter egg hunt is starting …

[Ed. note: This was one of a handful of stories posted on April 1 for a little April Fools’ fun.]