Powers gets ready for another race win. © Whit Bazemore

Powers gets ready for another race win... and a new album. © Whit Bazemore

by David Evans

US Champion Jeremy Powers (Rapha-Focus) has announced plans to set aside his off-season for the recording of his debut folk album, ‘Powers of Deduction.’

In a press release sent out yesterday by Rapha-Focus management, Powers revealed his motives in the third person: “After all this ‘Behind the Barriers‘ nonsense [Powers’ self-funded, Internet-only reality TV show – Ed.] I feel like people have come to think of J-Pow as some silly guy who wiggles his arms in the air while listening to Euro-techno. I want to show people the softer side of J-Pow, the side that likes to decant a bottle of Châteauneuf-du-Pape and isn’t afraid to cry.”

Sources close to Powers have said that Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, a regular on the New England cyclocross scene, has agreed to produce the record, and commentator Dave Towle has expressed interest in singing backing vocals.

When called for comment, Powers told Cyclocross Magazine that he thinks that, “folk music provides an interesting prism through which we can better understand the cultural impact of cyclocross. The form allows for the capture of the strange malaise that occupies a ’cross course after the race is done, when the banners are coming down and mud is being washed off of legs.”

Look out for dancehall remixes of Powers’ album by Tim Johnson (, available exclusively through