Niels Albert takes his second World title. His biggest win in his career thus far for home crowd. Bart Hazen

Here, Niels Albert takes his second World title, his biggest win in his career thus far. © Bart Hazen

by Molly Hurford

In a move that has shocked the cyclocross and cycling world, Niels Albert, the newest world champion of cyclocross, has announced his intention to switch from cyclocross to a career in Ironman triathlons.

“I think that the skills I’ve developed during my career in cyclocross will translate well into the swim and run sections,” Albert stated during a press conference. “Like Lance, I would like to race Ironman rather than continue to pursue my cycling career.”

Albert also told fans that he intends to leave Belgium for warmer climates: “I plan to move to Kona in Hawaii, in order to properly train for the Ironman World Championship.”

Belgians have responded poorly to the news, some openly weeping during his press conference. One spectator told our European corespondent that she might consider moving to France because, “the disappointment is too much to live with.” She also informed us that she plans to get her Niels Albert tattoo removed, or, “Maybe just covered with Nys’s face instead.”

Across the country, small riots are breaking out as the news spread. In Koksijde, where the World Championships that Albert won were held, a local bike shop had its windows broken and posters of Albert ripped from the walls.

Will Albert become the next King of Kona? Will he follow in Faris Al-Sultan’s footsteps and do so wearing only a Speedo? Will the Speedo have the Belgian flag on it? Only time will tell, but we wish him the best as he moves on to this next phase of his career.