Cyclocross in the city in Adelaide, Australia

What off season? It's peak cyclocross season in Adelaide, Australia

It’s always cyclocross season somewhere in the world. Just as the timeless surfing classic film Endless Summer showcases the year-round waves, Cyclocross Magazine aims to highlight the racing over dirt and barriers wherever and whenever it’s happening.

Recently, that has been far north in Canada, and south in Adelaide, South Australia. We’ve even seen cyclocross in the very south of New Zealand.

Photographer Sam Roberts filmed the first race of The Port Adelaide Cycling Club’s ‘CX In The City’ six-race series in Australia’s Adelaide’s Parklands, on April 22, 2011. 

The scene is growing in Australia, with over 50 riders attended, and new-to-Australia Focus Bikes supporting the event. As for the racing, while you might expect exotic animals and funny accents out on the course, it appears that cyclocross isn’t all that different from the American version, and in either hemisphere, it remains the best sport on two wheels.

Check it out Roberts’ short video below, or view in full resolution on our Cowbell site.

[vimeo 22841870 580 450]