Canada’s Paris to Ancaster Classic is quickly becoming the North American Paris Roubaix, only with far more dirt and trails than the fame French classic. As last week’s Pro Cyclocross Rumors and Rumblings reported, cyclocrosser Adam Myerson had a blast and a top ten finish, but Michael Garrigan, former Canadian cyclocross Worlds team member, took another win, with Sue Palmer-Komar winning the women’s division.

The folks at CRTV are putting together a documentary of the 18th edition of the Paris to Ancaster bicycle race, but already have a pretty comprehensive trailer that highlights the racing and terrain. 2000 participants toed the line with some Elite cyclocrossers, and given the number of mountain bikes at the start, it’s clear that the course and trails presented quite a challenge for most.

Enjoy it below, or in larger format here.

[youtube iiuwY7r0cQI 580 450]

Full results can be found here.