Pete Webber represented his World Championship jersey well with another Nationals win. © Meg McMahon

Pete Webber represented his World Championship jersey well with another Nationals win. © Meg McMahon

Master 40-44 National Champion Pete Webber recently shared a course preview of the Valmont setup for Nationals, and he’s been an integral part of the planning committee (see our piece in Issue 22 about Boulder). Today, he’s offering some advice on how to prep and what to expect at Nationals, as you get ready to head to Colorado.

Packing for Nationals:

Webber tells us, “You never know what the weather will be, so you have to be prepared for anything. It almost never rains in the winter, but snow is common. Expect temps in the 20s for morning races, and as warm as 60 in the afternoon if its sunny. Mud is pretty rare, but it can happen if warm sun follows a snowstorm. Right now, we are in a pretty dry pattern.”

Some racers may be nervous thinking about the pit and bike wash setup, especially after the trouble at Masters Worlds last year. As far as pit preparedness is concerned, he adds that “normal gear and equipment will cover most situations. The power washers are connected to city plumbing so they should be pretty reliable.”

[See Steve Tilford’s Packing for Nationals pro tips on dressing appropriately and staying warm before, during and after winter cyclocross.]

Tire Choice

Every ’crossers biggest question: which tires should you bring? Webber says, “If you had to choose just one tire, I’d use Clement PDX with 20ml of sealant. Even if it’s dry, there are some tight turns and off-cambers. The ground will get chewed up with so much traffic and the PDX grips on everything. And the sealant is just a bit of insurance.” [Ed. Note: Webber handles social media for Clement, but his main point is an aggressive tread is the one tread to bring if you’re limited to just one tire.]

In and Around Boulder

Webber says, “The best party will for sure the Nationals Post-Event Throw Down at the Boulder Theater on Sunday.” And there’s fun for the whole family earlier in the week: “Juniors gotta make sure to hit the big Junior Party on Friday night.”

Best burritos: Illegal Pete’s on peal or on “the hill”

Good bet for a simple fast meal: Yellow Belly Chicken

Really, really good pizza: Pizzaria Locale

Best shop for ’cross: Boulder Cycle Sport, of course! [Webber’s sponsor, but there are plenty of bike shops in Boulder]

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