Pete Webber moves up in category, wins 45-49 Masters Men,  2015 Cyclocross National Championship. © Cyclocross Magazine

Pete Webber moves up in category, wins 45-49 Masters Men, 2015 Cyclocross National Championship. © Cyclocross Magazine

AUSTIN, Texas – Just as Brandon Dwight did earlier in the day in the 40-44 race, Pete Webber continued Boulder Cycle Sport/YogaGlo’s impressive win streak in the Masters category that stretched back to 2009.

Kenny Wehn of Boulder took the holeshot in the Men’s 45-49 race, not an easy feat considering that the field was jam-packed with 148 riders. His position was far from secure however, although Pete Webber admitted to us after the race that his start wasn’t great. The first two laps were marked with constant lead changes as Webber worked his way up.

Roger Aspholm (Finkraft Cycling) took the lead early in the race, and he would continue to act as a major presence all throughout the race. Another name to remember was Kevin Obrien (Groove Subaru), who took charge of the race after the men passed the lap marker for the first time.

Roger Aspholm (Finkraft Cycling) and Kevin Obrien (Groove Subaru Excel Sports). © Brian Nelson

Roger Aspholm (Finkraft Cycling) and Kevin Obrien (Groove Subaru Excel Sports). © Brian Nelson/ Cyclocross Magazine

Meanwhile Webber and Bill Elliston (Van Dessel Factory Team) reattached themselves to the leaders, creating a group of seven who were all in the hunt for the win. By the time they came back around to the pavement, Webber had taken the lead, was attacking, and created a small gap with only Michael Yozell (Lamprey Systems) able to stay in tow.

Last year’s winner Tim Faia struggled in his title defense and was fighting an illness. The defending champion would finish far back in 24th.

Defending champion Tim Faia had a tough race to finish 20th. © Cyclocross Magazine

Defending champion Tim Faia had a tough race to finish 20th. © Cyclocross Magazine

Ten-time National Champion (at the time, now 11) Katie Compton was seen out on the course, cheering on racers, particularly Colorado-based racers, and especially her husband, Mark Legg-Compton. The New Zealander was able to contest Masters races at Nationals, and finished 21st.

Don Myrah chasing back from his tire issue. © Cyclocross Magazine

Don Myrah chasing back from his tire issue. © Cyclocross Magazine

Don Myrah, who provided a great race with Webber five years ago in Bend, Oregon the last time the two overlapped, had a poor start but was working his way up to sixth before an untimely rolled tubular. The 2014 Masters World Champion and silver medalist in Boulder would fall way back after his run to the pits. He’d claw his way back to 35th.

Pete Webber ages up, wins 45-49 National Championship in Austin. © Cyclocross Magazine

Pete Webber ages up, wins 45-49 National Championship in Austin. © Cyclocross Magazine

Webber shed himself of Yozell in short order, and kept a consistent pace ahead of his chasers for a great victory. The chasers were bunched together, and the race came down to the line. Yozell had a small lead, but Obrien was surging forward.

Mike Yozell pips Kevin O'Brien for second in the Masters 45-49 race in Austin. © Cyclocross Magazine

Mike Yozell pips Kevin O’Brien for second in the Masters 45-49 race in Austin. © Cyclocross Magazine

The Groove Subaru rider nearly had the second place, but Yozell won by a wheel, and promptly pounded his handlebars. He later reached out to Cyclocross Magazine to explain that the gesture wasn’t due to thinking he had lost second, but the realization that he had lost his opportunity for first place when he slipped on the limestone staircase earlier in the race.

As Webber won last year at Boulder during the 2014 Cyclocross National Championship, also on a course he designed, we had to ask him if Zilker Park was on equal footing with Valmont Park. “Zilker is a great venue, lots of natural features that play into a course like this…” he replied with a pause, although he clearly had an addendum. “But, there are a lot of years that went into turning Valmont into what it is today.”

When we asked him about some of his favorite features of the course, he cocked his head around to the course like a proud father. Surprisingly, he didn’t signal to the muddy off-cambers in sight of the announcers or the limestone staircases. He favored the off-cambers in the back side of the course.

By the time the Elites took the field the following Monday, a solid rut carved into many of the hillsides. Better still, it was one of the best gathering spots for spectators to watch the pros handle a course feature that seemed so daunting to many in the days before.

Tech notes: Webber raced a Focus Mares disc-brake equipped bike, with SRAM Force CX1 and hydraulic brakes, but relied on a MRP Chainguard to ensure his chain stayed on the wide/narrow chainring:

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2015 National Championships, Masters 45-49

PlaceBibLastFirstTeamLicenseCity STTimeGap
1640WEBBERPeterBoulder Cycle Sport/ YogaGlo66936Boulder CO46:42
2646YOZELLMichaelLamprey Systems64243Emmaus PA46:5715
3594OBRIENKevinGroove Subaru Excel Sports325526Erie CO46:5715
4518COCHRANJamesAtlas Cycling52322Iowa City IA46:5917
5502ASPHOLMRogerFinkraft Cyling Team136195Haworth NJ47:0422
6611ROBSONMichaelMOOTS64112Boulder CO47:0523
7529ELLISTONWilliamVan Dessel Factory Team47232Easton PA47:3553
8602PRENZLOWBrentCelo Pacific28646Carlsbad CA47:421:00
9508BLACKWillMellow Johnny's Cycling Team58540Austin TX47:571:15
10540FLACKJohnOlympia Orthopaedic Associates11775Olympia WA48:141:32
11624SHELDONVictor82774Vista CA48:241:42
12573LUGARPaul50x15 Cycling21788Boulder CO48:261:44
13591NAUGHTONMichael256256Crystal Lake IL48:271:45
14609RICHARDPaulRiverside Racing29708Amesbury MA48:311:49
15544GAERTNERMichaelVertical Earth12623Coeur D Alene ID48:321:50
16585MINARDScottBayou City Racing92947Houston TX48:331:51
17641WEHNKenny37549Durango CO48:411:59
18581MEISERThomasFeedback Sports Racing23951Lakewood CO48:422:00
19523DAVISToddKryki Sports103745Seattle WA48:442:02
20556HAUSDOERFFERWilliam ""Tyson""KS Energy Services / MOSH / Tea15440Shorewood WI48:462:04
21571LEGG COMPTONMarkTrek Cyclocross Collective20788Colorado Springs CO48:582:16
22519COOKEThomasSquadra Flying Tigers7681Park City UT49:052:23
23503BALDESAREJamesWAS Labs Cycling63797Kent OH49:102:28
24534FAIATimTrek Cyclocross Collective40096Breckenridge CO49:102:28
25552HAIDETSeanBear Development Team153943Bend OR49:122:30
26592NIQUETTEKellyTeam Cycleton26140Denver CO49:152:33
27626SMITHChristopherPower Fix CX118619Minneapolis MN49:242:42
28632SWANSONMurrayPen Velo Racing206144Woodside CA49:392:57
29542FORRESTScott12041Golden CO49:453:03
30597PARKJeffSquadra Di Servitori168358San Antonio TX50:113:29
31648MELCHERJeffTeam Pedal Moraine166066Grafton WI50:123:30
32619SAUNDERSDerrickColonel's /Fred's Texas286208Fort Worth TX50:143:32
33510BOLTVincentCorner Cycle Cycling Club79752Lakeville MA50:173:35
34522DAUBERTD ScottTrek Midwest Team8679Lake Mills WI50:173:35
35590MYRAHDonald25636San Jose CA50:253:43
36595OUZOUNIANSteveReno Wheelmen41019Reno NV50:253:43
37588MORRISSEYPatrickTeam Cross Colorado25167Boulder CO50:303:48
38560HUNTERToddWenzel Coaching Junior Developm178827Cary NC50:313:49
39643WILLIAMSONBobby93265Houston TX50:403:58
40564KELSEYSean18854Woodinville WA50:464:04
41543FRYEvanTeam Small Batch104312Boulder CO50:474:05
42605RAPINZPaul50x15 Cycling29168Boulder CO50:564:14
43578MCDONALDMickeyCook Ford/Bay Area Cycling23403Houston TX50:584:16
44584MILLETTAaronRiverside Racing82049Amesbury MA50:594:17
45521CURTESJeffSpeedvagen Family Racing8412Menomonee Falls WI50:594:17
46562JONESJohn142781Bolivar MO51:014:19
47554HALLJeffreyTeam Kappius130581Denver CO51:124:30
48527DIXONMike50x15 Cycling58447Boulder CO51:174:35
49536FERGUSONDougTeam Cycleton86033Denver CO51:425:00
50589MYALLPatrick25593San Francisco CA51:465:04
51550GRYNWALDKirkCentral Arkansas Velo/CARVE309572Little Rock AR51:505:08
52577MAXWELLReedFeedback Sports Racing164136Golden CO51:535:11
53559HUDSONDouglasFeedback Sports Racing77069Golden CO51:545:12
54538FISHERMark175833Sandy UT52:005:18
55650KOENEMANBrianLittle Guy Racing46700Minneapolis MN52:005:18
56601POWERSChristopherMatrix Cycling Club63195Flower Mound TX52:015:19
57504BEIRNETimothyBetter Cycling of Louisville57060Goshen KY52:045:22
58583MIDDLETONJay94365Lakewood CO52:075:25
59622SENFTAlbertSustainable Endurance Coaching32168Albuquerque NM52:105:28
60515CARAMADRERichard418553Salt Lake City UT52:115:29
61520COPPEDGEMarcTeam Yacht Club142133Austin TX52:115:29
62545GALLAGHERJoncole sport61600Heber UT52:125:30
63612ROGERSBradyLitespeed-BMW144524Atlanta GA52:215:39
64574LUTZMatt21886Houston TX52:245:42
65616ROSSIGNOLCharlesLitespeed-BMW173111Atlanta GA52:305:48
66156THOMASDavidAsheville Cyclocross155779Asheville NC52:325:50
67507BERGMANSheaWilderness Sports236301Roeland Park KS52:335:51
68593NISHIMURADouglasGateway Cycling Club26146Ellisville MO52:486:06
69598PATTIEJonathanMellow Johnny's Cycling Team97614Austin TX52:526:10
70615ROSSWilliamBoneshaker Project40280Austin TX52:526:10
71627SMITHDavid (Dwight)Tri Cities Road Club269901Church Hill TN52:576:15
72558HLUDZINSKIBrianBoulder Cycle Sport/ YogaGlo16334Boulder CO52:586:16
73606RAWLINGSMarkGS Tenzing199996Dallas TX53:076:25
74516CHEETHAMJohnPerformance Cycle Coaching202515Pleasanton CA53:216:39
75628STACEYDavidBOB Cycling33736Methuen MA53:366:54
76533ETHERTONSteveTeam Cycle Progression271761Austin TX@1Lap
77546GALLEGOSPatrick8 Sixteen Racing78794Superior CO@1Lap
78531ERICKSONStephenThe Community Bicyclist255356Little Rock AR@1Lap
79610RIERSONJoelMellow Johnny's Cycling Team29856Austin TX@1Lap
80525DICKENSONOmarTwin Peaks CyclingInc448682Golden CO@1Lap
81599PHILLIPSTimothyFG Law Racing271555San Antonio TX@1Lap
82651BROWNJohnTBi - Dedicated Race Team114178Bedford TX@1Lap
83561JOHNSTONCarterBike Lab85353Oklahoma City OK@1Lap
84549GRODAWallaceBike Barn (Texas)14246Santa Fe TX@1Lap
85557HINDMANStevePen Velo Racing62921Los Altos CA@1Lap
86631SUMMERSWadeTWZ Masters Cycling Team60566Southington CT@1Lap
87649COUCHJess62820Petaluma CA@1Lap
88535FEILKEKelly11399Fort Worth TX@1Lap
89642WILLIAMSMichaelSPY GIANT RIDE p/b MRI184434San Marcos CA@1Lap
90621SCOTTChristopherShenandoah Valley Bicycle Coali31973Harrisonburg VA@1Lap
91623SHAWThomasThe Bike Lane41051Reston VA@1Lap
92620SCHAFERSteveVerdigris-Village CX Team309583Barrington IL@1Lap
93644WINBORNEScottGroove Subaru Excel Sports268491Highlands Ranch CO@1Lap
94570LARRORenePen Velo Racing387473San Mateo CA@1Lap
95548GRAHAMMatthewCycle-Smart Grassroots Team299111Simsbury CT@1Lap
96572LONGJasonQueen City Wheels385991Cincinnati OH@1Lap
97563KARBARZFrank70407Houston TX@1Lap
98506BERESAndrewRide Away Cycling Club3403San Antonio TX@1Lap
99511BONENBERGERMikeTrainingPeaks4187Ft Collins CO@2Laps
100580MCNALLYDaniel23850San Francisco CA@2Laps
101603PRICEStevenColonel's /Fred's Texas297871Fort Worth TX@2Laps
102555HARLANHoltBike Barn Texas15091Houston TX@2Laps
103512BOYLEMonte218669Simms MT@2Laps
104576MARLATTDuaneGroove Subaru Excel Sports131689Highlands Ranch CO@2Laps
105586MONNETTMarkSRAM Factory68742Hagerstown MD@2Laps
106635VEUMChristopherGulf Coast Cycling Association59434Houston TX@2Laps
107637WALLACEBoydDallas BIke Works163030Garland TX@2Laps
108567KLAGESJamesMichelob Ultra - Big Shark Raci72572Saint Louis MO@2Laps
109547GLASSBrianPCP Racing13409Seattle WA@2Laps
110614ROSENFELDDarrylBike Barn Texas255458Bellaire TX@2Laps
111566KINSEYBrettBicycle Sport Shop Cyclocross T273017Austin TX@2Laps
112613ROLANDSONMatthew84257San Francisco CA@2Laps
113647ZOERNERAaronAlpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru252986Highlands Ranch CO@2Laps
114513BRADYJamesThe Pony Shop208029Chicago IL@2Laps
115638WARRENTomA Bloc192481Belton TX@2Laps
116528DOYLEJosephEmbros Bicycle Club188914Austin TX@2Laps
117636WALDMANBryanBikelaw.com360326Lansing MI@2Laps
118501ASHTONMarkDallas Bike Works CX157294Dallas TX@2Laps
119568KNIGHTBrian336986Ocala FL@2Laps
120645WRAYRobertDNA Cycling p/b Austinbikes92563Austin TX@2Laps
121617SANDERSKennethGSMR229016Birmingham AL@2Laps
122608REYNOLDSSteveJimmy John's Racing Team244044Pella IA@2Laps
123633TAYLORTomTeam Roaring Mouse129703San Francisco CA@2Laps
124607REIDDouglasCyclocrossracing.com68272Seattle WA@3Laps
125530ENGLEJamesShama Cycles303222Cypress TX@3Laps
126517CLINEJohnG S Adams Avenue Bicycles265399Chicago IL@3Laps
127532ERNDLCharlesDRV/DRISCOLL10934Morristown NJ@3Laps
128625SHENKMichaelCyclocross Project 2015117879Cedar Park TX@3Laps
129541FONTENOTDanielPACC234718Plano TX@3Laps
130596PAISANTPaulMock Orange Bikes280851High Point NC@3Laps
131524DAWSONMarkViolet Crown292666Austin TX@3Laps
132509BOLLENBERGHERonald4145Colorado Springs CO@4Laps
133539FIXMatthewFirst City Cycling Team196876Ft Collins CO@4Laps
134604RAMIREZKennethNemesis Racing255649Seattle WA@4Laps
135618SANFORDJeffTeam Simple Green/Cannondale/St108230Rancho Santa Margarita CA@5Laps