BTB TV Cross Talk is back with 2012 National Champion Jeremy Powers. In our first conversation with Jeremy, we talked about where Jeremy got his start and about how he got into cyclocross and became one of the nation’s best cyclocross riders. With Nationals just over a week away, we catch back up with Jeremy and talk to him about what we can expect ahead of the biggest race of the year.

Before we get to the nitty gritty of what it takes to win Nationals, and how Jeremy sees the late part of this season going, we got a chance to talk about the personalities of cyclocross that Jeremy works with every day. We even get a chance to see what individuals had the biggest impact on Jeremy’s life as a cyclist – who inspired him to be a better rider and who drove him to be the racer that he is today.

Join us for part two of our conversation with Jeremy Powers where we pull back the curtain and get to know more about Jeremy Powers: cyclocross racer.