For those of you in, or within travel distance, of Victoria, B.C., the upcoming Cross on the Rock double race weekend is well worth the trip. Did we mention free coffee and pumpkin pie!? There’s also a Saturday night “Crosstume Party.”

We have some HEAVY racing on the program for this weekend!!  Two new course.  New Venues, new challenges and EXCITEMENT!!

Saturday, October 30th, the Cameron Cross 2010 at the Gorge Park in Esquamalt

Sunday, October 31st, the Zombie Crosstume Classic at Layritz park in the District of Saanich.

OK Game on.


On Saturday Jamie Emery and Series Sponsor ACTION MOTORCYLES will have a hospitality area set up for the event. They will be serving up pumpkin pie! Alongside that Bryn Shapperd from our series sponsor Saltspring Coffee will have 24 litres of coffee. First come, first served. Bryn will be there at 11am so the beginners, spectators, and moms/dads can get in on it.

We suggest that people bring travels mugs to the event. This would cut down on waste, and keep beverages hotter, longer.

Thanks to Action Motorcycles and Saltspring Coffee!

Hey San Francisco – want to host SSCXWC? The challenge is on ©Norm Thibault

SSCXWC Display
Wendy’s swimsuit and Championship belt are now on display at Frontrunners Nanaimo.  We are sending a challenge out to the 2011 SSCXWC hosts (namely, San Francisco) that they have to come up and challenge our champions to take the belts to their event next year. Stay tuned for the return of NISSCOTU!

OK guys we are pretty sure that we have a nice starter trailer for the series to buy. This has been a goal for a while so that we can keep all the gear for the events enclosed and have the trailer go to each venue. I have been keeping my eye open for something that most vehicles would be able to tow and I found once….at a reasonable price. SO we are doing a MAJOR FUND RAISER this weekend so that we can purchase the trailer.  We will have donation jars at registration on both days or you can e-mail donations to [email protected] via Paypal or interac on-line. 100% of all the money will go towards this trailer. Please help us out – we want to buy this trailer and get it all set up for 2011. (Just so you know: We have never taken any money out of the series, it all goes back into the series and the clubs That’s just how we roll.)

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