The women's podium at Boudler Cup. © Jesse Pisel

The women’s podium at Boulder Cup. © Jesse Pisel

Valmont will be Nationals ready. © Dejan Smaic / Sportif Images

Valmont will be Nationals ready. © Dejan Smaic / Sportif Images

by Deirdre Moynihan

The eighth Annual Boulder Cup delivered on its promises, providing one of the most difficult courses ever and a wonderful festive atmosphere so that racers and spectators alike could enjoy the day. Adding to the day were the blue skies and high temperatures. The race saw well over 800 racers, including 217 juniors ranging in ages from 4-18. The attendance from out-of-state teams, especially junior teams, was very high as teams start to prepare for Nationals that will be held at Valmont Bike Park in January. There were teams from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Oregon, Utah and New Mexico.

The Junior ’cross program in Colorado is very strong, as demonstrated by the number of young racers. Timmy Duggan, professional cyclist for Team Saxo-Tinkoff served as the Junior Ambassador leading the Pre-Juniors (ages 4-9) around the course and distributing podium awards to other junior categories.

The battles on the course were very intense, due to the technical nature of the course. Katie Compton won the Elite Women’s race  with ease, but the second and third place finish was hard fought. Following Katie on the podium was Chloe Woodruff and Meredith Miller, and the podium presentation for the three women brought many to tears when acknowledging the recent loss of Amy Dombroski. In honor of Amy, Katie did not wear the number 1 during the race, but wore race number 2, and all of the women held up signs and photos of Amy for photos on the podium.

The Elite men’s race was won by Jeremy Powers, who again demonstrated his ability to move to the front of the group from behind with very little effort. [See his post-race interview here]. Ben Berden and Todd Wells battled on the course for second and third after Ryan Trebon took a spill after breaking the group up in a mid-race attack. The final podium being Jeremy Powers in first, Ben Berden taking second and Todd Wells in third. Ryan Trebon, who placed first at the Colorado Cross Classic the day before, fell and finished 11th, much to his disappointment [see his post-race interview here].

Throughout the event, there was evidence of a strong cycling community in Colorado. Recently, the Front Range of Colorado dealt with the floods and many of the race participants were displaced because of it. In addition, many of the standard training roads that were washed away. In the expo, along with Moots, Gates Carbon Drive, Flatiron Subaru, TRP Brakes, Wheels Manufacturing, Osmo Nutrition and Velo Swap, were groups raising funds for flood relief, a table raising funds for the Amy D. Foundation, and a breast cancer fundraising tent.

Gallery after results.

Boulder Cup Results - Elite Women 2013

1Katherine COMPTON43:19:00
2Chloe WOODRUFF44:19:00
3Meredith MILLER44:35:00
4Crystal ANTHONY44:36:00
5Kaitlin ANTONNEAU44:38:00
6Caroline MANI45:26:00
7Courtenay MCFADDEN45:45:00
8Nicole DUKE46:05:00
9Jessica CUTLER46:31:00
10Judy FREEMAN46:43:00
11Amanda CAREY47:06:00
12Sofia GOMEZ VILLAFANE47:13:00
13Sunny GILBERT47:19:00
14Emily KACHOREK47:25:00
15Rebecca GROSS47:42:00
16Rebecca BLATT47:46:00
17Amanda NAUMAN48:03:00
18Ellen SHERRILL48:06:00
19Kristin WEBER48:11:00
20Caitlyn VESTAL48:21:00
21Jessica D'AMATO48:35:00
22Melissa BARKER48:48:00
23Kate POWLISON49:06:00
24Lisa HUDSON49:10:00
25Corey COOGAN CISEK49:19:00
26Nina BAUM49:53:00
27Katie MELENA49:56:00
28Anna DINGMAN50:10:00
29Laurel RATHBUN50:32:00
30Lydia TANNER51:08:00
31Sarah STURM
33Kristal BONI
35Shannon GIBSON
36Beth Ann ORTON
37Lindsay LORENZ

Boulder Cup Results - Elite Men 2013

1Jeremy POWERS58:38:00
2Ben BERDEN58:44:00
3Todd WELLS58:45:00
4Daniel SUMMERHILL59:00:00
5James DRISCOLL59:01:00
6Yannick ECKMANN59:50:00
7Allen KRUGHOFF59:53:00
8Mitchell HOKE59:53:00
9Tobin ORTENBLAD1:00:03
10Zach MCDONALD1:00:07
11Ryan TREBON1:00:10
12Cody KAISER1:00:14
13Justin LINDINE1:00:15
14Jake WELLS1:00:54
15Tristan SCHOUTEN1:01:02
16Robin ECKMANN1:01:17
17Brian MATTER1:01:17
18Chris BADDICK1:01:18
19Ken BENESH1:01:22
20Christopher CASE1:01:44
21Jacob LASLEY1:01:57
22Taylor CARRINGTON1:02:00
23Tim ALLEN1:02:01
24Rotem ISHAY1:02:07
25Bryan ALDERS1:02:15
26Braden KAPPIUS1:02:32
27Isaac NEFF1:02:35
28Ian MCPHERSON1:02:38