Powers coming in for the win at the Boulder Cup. © Jesse Pisel

Powers coming in for the win at the Boulder Cup. © Jesse Pisel

Our reporter-on-the-ground Jesse Pisel caught up with Boulder Cup winner Jeremy Powers to chat about the race, the course, and what’s next for the Rapha-Focus rider.

On the race… The race was really fast today, kind of a warmup for Nationals. Pretty serious race. I even felt a little nervous! It was a good race, very fast, all the guys took a lot of punches. I took it late to see what would happen. At altitude and with so much on the line, I wanted to make sure I had the race dialed at race pace before I made any moves and started to push speed limits and boundaries. I was happy with the outcome.

On the Nationals course… I’m not sure. You race a course this time of year and by January things change quite a bit. You try not to get anything set in your head about what it’s going to be. I know I have a lot of work to do on my fitness. Running at altitude, getting back on your bike… It’s a little heavy in the chest when you’re coming from sea level. I made some mental notes, I’ll change my training just a hair to make the adjustments, but I feel good about the course.

On what’s next… I’m not going to the two World Cups. I’m going home to recharge, it’s a change in my schedule. Everyone felt like it was a good call. I have a lot going on with Behind THE Barriers and my racing and training has been really heavy, so I’m staying home to get ready for Ohio, Louisville and Idaho.

On Behind THE Barriers… We’ve got a lot of features, we have an interview with Bart Wellens from Vegas, I sit down with Ben Berden and we have a beer. We’re trying to bring the personalities out and tell the racing stories, and try to refine out game. We have a new website coming, a new player coming for  people who’ve had trouble viewing. The light is at the end of the tunnel and the future is bright!