Today, on the first day of Louisville Nationals, local amateur racers without National Championship hopes, Elite title contenders and top Masters seized an opportunity to test out the 2018 Cyclocross National Championships V2 course through the non-title races.

Frozen, icy course conditions greeted the Tuesday morning racers, with many racers hitting the deck, but the afternoon sun thawed areas it could reach and made for faster lap times.

In the end, the day brought Jeremy Powers his first victory of the season as he won the 23-39 non-title race by nearly three and a half minutes. Powers told Cyclocross Magazine he was using the opportunity to practice on the course at race pace, at least until he started lapping racers. Stay tuned for our interview.

Molly Cameron took the 40-49 men’s race by over a minute, in front of a stacked field that included UCI racers Jared Nieters and Adam Myerson.

On the women’s side, Jenny Wojewoda won the Women’s 23-39 race by more than thirty seconds over Emily Molden, while Julie Robertson-Zivin took the Women’s 40+ race ahead of local Louisville Kristie Arend.

JW Miller from Madison took the Men’s 50+ race.

The women completed three laps, while the men did four. All winning race times were between 30 and 34 minutes.

Stay tuned for our interview with 23-39 winner Jeremy Powers.

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Featured photo: Greg Davis

Men Non-Championship 23-39 Results: 2018 Louisville Cyclocross Nationals

1137Jeremy POWERSFuji / Pactimo / SRAM30:25.
2105Bradford PERLEY33:49.
3109Ryan GAMMOhio Cycling Association34:26.
4124Shane BLACK MACKENHup United35:15.
5102Daniel OLSEN35:52.
6115Corey SMITHTeam NeighborLink36:46.
7128Zach ANDREWS37:36.
8107Christopher SCALLION37:47.
9134George LEWISTeam Bikenetic39:02.
10130Curtis ALIANational Capital Velo Club/Unit39:18.
11117Tyler CHAPMANNCVC/UnitedHealthcare39:26.
12127David OSBORNE40:27.
13132Brad ATTEBURYSchellers Evansville Racing Tea@1Lap
14112Christopher ADAMSRogue Velo Racing@1Lap
15131Brandon GRANTTeam Dayton Bicycling@1Lap
16116Kyle CROSSETTRule # 5 Nick?s Cycling/Mennen@1Lap
17108Eric KNACKMUHSBloomington Velo Cycling@1Lap
18129Tyler SAMSON@1Lap
19125Nathan WERNERYukato Yoga p/b Two Rivers Brew@1Lap
20111Marc OLEARYTeam Bicycle Outfitters Indy@1Lap
21138David SANDBERG@1Lap
22121Lucas BEIRNENCVC/UnitedHealthcare@1Lap
23123Justin RIVARDTeam VO2@1Lap
24122William GONZABAUrban South Racing@1Lap
25110Chris HOWELLBike Doctor/Visit Frederick@1Lap
26101Tyler WHALEYElement Cycles@1Lap
27136Joshua ELZ@1Lap
28118Dane PARISTeam Bikenetic@1Lap
29126Jeremy MILLERJs Bikes Racing@1Lap
30114Syd LEAT.E.A.M. Fuji@1Lap
31135Ryan VINGRISMafia Racing@1Lap
32133Chris GLADORAUNKNOWN Cyclocross@1Lap
33106Richard KELLYTeam VO2@1Lap
34119Murphy DAVISToyota Forklifts of Atlanta@1Lap
35113Ryan DOTSON@1Lap
36104Peter REID@1Lap

Women Non-Championship 23-39 Results: 2018 Louisville Cyclocross Nationals

115Jenny WOJEWODAPedal Power Team-MA32:23.
25Emily MOLDENNantucket Velo32:57.
32Michelle HANCETeam Handmade33:40.
414Sarah WILLIAMSVanderkitten CX (VKCX)33:56.
53Elise ROWE35:27.
610Sara MELIKIANCompetitive edge Racing36:05.
718Charlotte ERICKSONDIRTy Squirrels Racing36:39.
89Lori MCCARTYTeam isocentric37:16.
91Kate VERMANNBilly Goat Racing Team39:27.
107Marissa DONERTeam NeighborLink40:24.
1112Casey BAILEYTeam Bikenetic40:38.
126Michelle ADAMSLos Locos41:19.
134Kelly MCKENNALady Gnar Shredders42:32.
1411Paulette TRINHVanderkitten CX (VKCX)43:10.
158Allison DREZEK@1Lap
DNF19Dana VINGRISLady Gnar Shredders

Women Non-Championship 40+ Results: 2018 Louisville Cyclocross Nationals

168Julie ROBERTSON-ZIVIN31:58.
278Kristie ARENDALP Cycles Racing32:32.
362Stephanie UETRECHT32:46.
463Nina DONOHUEALP Cycles Racing32:49.
579Nicole VASSARBMB Racing33:23.
677Nicole WEISSTeam Thrive p/b Kaiser Permanen33:37.
769Jodie PRESTINEBens Cycle Team p/b: Milwaukee34:01.
882Nikki BALDERSON34:28.
971Ann KENNEDY35:25.
1053Carolyn DAUBENYDeschutes Brewery35:34.
1165Deirdre GARVEYBoulder Cycle Sport35:45.
1267Geraldine VANDERHAEGENOlympia Orthopaedic Associates36:29.
1370Karen NASHRiverside Racing37:47.
1454Lisa COYNETeam Thrive p/b Kaiser Permanen38:06.
1573Kim BISHOP38:58.
1659Sheryl JOHNSONEgencia39:22.
1780Elizabeth WILLIAMSSturdy Girl Cycling Club & Race40:21.
1858Cara SCHULTZTeam Bikenetic41:14.
1975Kathleen BORTOLUSSI41:16.
2057Kathy L JOHNSONWomens Free State Racing42:36.
2174Mary FANELLILUNDSturdy Girl Cycling Club & Race47:41.
2272Tara COADYCRANDIC Racing Club@1Lap
2360Trish ALBERTSorella Cycling p/b Hincapie Sp@1Lap
2483Michelle DYAS@2Lap
2552Vikki BOURCIER@2Lap
2656Flo LEIBOWITZ@2Lap
2766Julie LOCKHARTNortheast Bicycle Club (NEBC)@2Lap

Men Non-Championship 40-49 Results: 2018 Louisville Cyclocross Nationals

1280Molly CAMERONPoint S Nokian31:48.
2284Jared NIETERSSEAVS/Haymarket pb Van Dessel33:01.
3296Adam MYERSONCycle-Smart33:23.
4312Ian TUBBSAudi33:48.
5301Justin MORGANTop Club34:16.
6286Alec DONAHUEJAM Fund / NCC34:46.
7310Steven WILLIAMSRecycled Cycles Racing35:04.
8298Colm MCMAHON545 Velo35:18.
9279John BEHRENSKnobbe Cycling35:40.
10278Mark ILLINGWORTHQueen City Wheels36:53.
11295Anastasio FLORES37:03.
12288Scott HELVIE37:21.
13282David HILDEBRANDTrek Cyclocross Collective37:24.
14281Paul BONDSSPCX p/b R.K. BLACK37:25.
15304Brent TURNERBike Barn Texas38:32.
16306Andrew ALLWEINTeam Handmade39:16.
17283Jason BIGGSJigawatt Cycling39:46.
18293Paul CARTERRiverside Bicycle Racing40:08.
19311Jason DEMPSEYNCVC/UnitedHealthcare41:22.
20277Alan PODCZERVINSKIFeedback Sports Racing45:02.
21290Paul MCKEITHANEvolution Jr. Development@1Lap
22303Maison CHEN@1Lap
23597Malcolm HESKINS@1Lap
24307Brock BOLERJACKSchellers Evansville Racing Tea@1Lap
25285Eric JONES@1Lap
26299Mike PIPOSAR@1Lap
27313Stephen LEDERER@1Lap
28297Frank KENNEYTeam Bicycle Outfitters Indy@1Lap
29305Jeffrey PARMELEE@1Lap
31300Christopher BEARDENTeam Nebo Ridge@1Lap
32287Rob SUTHERLAND@2Lap
33292Otley FREYMILLER@2Lap

Men Non-Championship 50+ Results: 2018 Louisville Cyclocross Nationals

1479Jw MILLER33:41.
2854Donald SEIBBMB Racing33:53.
3491William ELLISTONVan Dessel Factory Team34:26.
4460Craig UNDEMCycle U35:05.
5468Tim BOUNDYF3 Cycling p/b 7 Mile Cycles35:15.
6475Doug GRAVER35:59.
7477John FLACKOlympia Orthopaedic Associates37:30.
8504Tom WEAVERSummit Freewheelers38:07.
9498John STONEBARGERCRANDIC Racing Club38:22.
10502Matt LUTZProject Echelon Racing38:59.
11459Derek GRIGGS39:20.
12517Scott GRILL39:23.
13458Zachary WILLSNuGo Racing39:48.
14493Jeffrey FLICKKUHL Cycling Team41:16.
15516Jon GALLAGHERddd48:21.
16455Paul BOURCIER@1Lap
17483Eugene PETRELLAClinton Cycling Club@1Lap
18469Gaylord OTTExXx Racing@1Lap
19451Michael BURRISFell Swoop@1Lap
20438Roy GRYSKEVICH@1Lap
21465William ROCK@1Lap
22513Lawrence CZARNECKIMicro Metals/Bike Zoo@1Lap
23503Field BLEVINS@1Lap
24486Scott HOUSE@1Lap
25463Gregory FERGUSONTrek Midwest Team@1Lap
26499Frank HARANZODeschutes Brewery@1Lap
27480Robert GELFAND@1Lap
28489Michael METEYERTrek Midwest Team@1Lap
29473Keith ENDERLEHorst Engineering Cycling Team@1Lap
30437Derek BATESONTeam Spoke Cycles@1Lap
31474Michael JOHNSON@1Lap
32457Paul SCHWARTZ@1Lap
33452Thomas FULCHERRock Creek Velo@1Lap
34507Sean HUGHESAllied Forces Velo@1Lap
35508Stephen KNIGHTConstellation Cycling@1Lap
36466Pierre DIMAGGIO@1Lap
37505John REIMBOLDHeckawee@1Lap
38512Reeve GEARYAvanti Velo@1Lap
39511Kevin JOHNSONTeam NeighborLink@1Lap
40492Michael BERZINSKIHeavy Pedal Velo Club@1Lap
41467Mark BROWN@1Lap
42462Robert TROMBLEY@1Lap
43487Bob JOOS@1Lap
44482Greg FARRAR@1Lap
45496Jerry RUSINTeam Nebo Ridge@1Lap
46476George HATCHERCross Creek Cycling Club-C4@2Lap
DNF500Joseph BRUBAKERKUHL Cycling Team
DNF464Peter SCHULTZTeam Bikenetic
DNF494Hardwick GREGG
DNF515Timothy SHEASunapee Racing Team
DNF510Robert OGRENPower Fix CX