Trebon rounds the corner at the Boulder Cup. © Jesse Pisel

Trebon rounds the corner at the Boulder Cup. © Jesse Pisel

Ryan Trebon took the win at the Colorado Cross Classic on Saturday, but a crash on Sunday took him out of contention for the win at Boulder Cup where he finished 11th. Jesse Pisel caught up with him post-race to hear about the race itself and find out where we’ll see him next.

On the Boulder Cup race… Racing was pretty good, the first half was a big group of us riding together, siizing each other up. I think with four to go, I went to the front to ride a hard lap and whittled the group down. Then I was followed Todd [Wells] into the sand, my front wheel went in… I didn’t endo, I didn’t go on the ground, but my pedal hit me in the back of the leg, bent my seat rails, dropped my chain—for not crashing, it did a lot of damage! It took me a couple laps to get my leg moving again, it was super charley-horsed. So I just tried to finish the race.

On the course… Yesterday was vastly different. Yesterday was flat with lots of turns, this has a lot of elevation. I kind of prefer the courses the past couple years that we’ve done here, it used to have some off-cambers and flowy turns. It’s not bad, it’s a good course. It’s challenging because it’s really dry and bumpy right now. We’ll see what the weather in the next couple months does to this place, it could change a lot. I was hoping it would be a little softer, that would make it a little more challenging.

On what’s next… I have the next couple weeks off until the Cincy 3 races, and I’ll race a Cross Crusade in Bend on Halloween weekend, it’s fun and near my house. Then get ready for Cincy3, Louisville, Jingle Cross, LACX, and Bend, then getting ready for Nationals. There’s a lot of racing left this season. There’s three C1s in a row, three weekends in a row, so that’s a lot.