Ryan Trebon (Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld.com) out of the saddle. © Kevin White

Here, Ryan Trebon (Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld.com) out of the saddle racing at Gloucester. © Kevin White

On Saturday, Ryan Trebon and Katie Compton took their first UCI wins of the season in the Colorado Cross Classic. The men’s and women’s field were heavily stacked as US racers tried to sneak in a few extra UCI points before heading to Europe for the start of the World Cup races next weekend.

In the women’s field, Compton took the win by over 30 seconds, and was chased by mountain biker Chloe Woodruff, who took second, followed by Crystal Anthony in third and Nicole Duke in fourth, with second through fourth finishing just seconds apart and a full 30 seconds ahead of the chasers.

In the men’s field, Ryan Trebon took the win six seconds ahead of Powers, who came to the line with third place, Ben Berden. Danny Summerhill and Todd Wells were behind the three, and and Logan Owen finished 15 seconds behind Wells in sixth, proving that the switch from Junior to U23 and a hefty road season (culminating in a fourth in Junior Road Worlds) hasn’t done the ’crosser any harm.

Colorado Cross Classic Elite Women's Results 2013

1Katherine COMPTON39:55:00
2Chloe WOODRUFF40:33:00
3Crystal ANTHONY40:36:00
4Nicole DUKE40:38:00
5Meredith MILLER41:19:00
6Kaitlin ANTONNEAU41:33:00
7Elle ANDERSON41:59:00
8Judy FREEMAN42:00:00
9Caroline MANI42:10:00
10Courtenay MCFADDEN42:13:00
11Sunny GILBERT42:16:00
12Jessica CUTLER42:44:00
13Emily KACHOREK42:48:00
14Beth Ann ORTON42:54:00
15Amanda CAREY42:57:00
16Rebecca GROSS43:06:00
17Caitlyn VESTAL43:10:00
18Ellen SHERRILL43:15:00
19Kristin WEBER43:38:00
20Rebecca BLATT43:44:00
21Melissa BARKER43:47:00
22Anna DINGMAN43:55:00
23Sofia GOMEZ VILLAFANE43:58:00
24Laurel RATHBUN44:02:00
25Jessica D'AMATO44:08:00
26Katie MELENA44:11:00
27Amanda NAUMAN44:19:00
28Kate POWLISON44:21:00
29Nina BAUM44:37:00
30Kristal BONI44:39:00
31Lisa HUDSON45:09:00
32Corey COOGAN CISEK45:33:00
33Shannon GIBSON46:12:00
34Karen BROCKET46:24:00
35Sarah STURM46:57:00
36Heather FISCHER46:59:00
37Lindsay LORENZ48:02:00
38Ivie CRAWFORD48:18:00

Colorado Cross Classic Elite Men's Results 2013

1Ryan TREBON58:23:00
2Jeremy POWERS58:29:00
3Ben BERDEN58:31:00
4Daniel SUMMERHILL58:36:00
5Todd WELLS58:44:00
6Logan OWEN59:01:00
7Allen KRUGHOFF59:03:00
8Tobin ORTENBLAD59:13:00
9Cody KAISER59:16:00
10Tristan SCHOUTEN59:23:00
11Zach MCDONALD59:35:00
12Justin LINDINE59:47:00
13James DRISCOLL1:00:04
14Mitchell HOKE1:00:05
15Yannick ECKMANN1:00:11
16Jake WELLS1:00:11
17Skyler TRUJILLO1:00:12
18Matt SHRIVER1:00:19
19Brian MATTER1:00:24
20Tim ALLEN1:00:24
21Isaac NEFF1:00:35
22Rotem ISHAY1:00:46
23Braden KAPPIUS1:01:03
24Kevin NOILES1:01:07
25Bryan ALDERS1:01:15
26Ken BENESH1:01:23
27Steven STEFKO1:01:30
28Benjamin SONNTAG1:02:05
29Troy WELLS1:02:18
30Robin ECKMANN1:02:23
31Taylor CARRINGTON1:02:28
32Christopher CASE1:02:41
33Greg KRAUSE1:02:50
34Chris BADDICK1:03:12
35Chad YOUNG1:03:16
36William NABOURS1:03:18
37Josh WHITNEY1:03:35
38Ian MCPHERSON1:03:38
39Oliver VRAMBOUT1:03:38
40Shawn HARSHMAN1:03:39
41Kolben PREBLE1:04:06
42Joseph CLEMENZI1:04:25
43Michael FRIEDBERG1:04:34
44Mark FLIS1:04:46
45Colin DUNLAP1:05:03
46Brett PIRIE1:05:04
47Bryan MICKIEWICZ1:05:27
48Grant HOLICKY1:06:22
51Edwin BULL
54Earl GAGE
56David SHEEK
57Skyler MACKEY
58Anthony WILHELM
59Nathan BROWN