Update: Kathy Sarvary won the 2013 National Championship on almost the exact same setup. Stay tuned as we bring you pictures of her bike from this year’s winning ride in the Masters Women 55-59 age group. 

As we gear up to bring you all the bikes, gear, crazy component pairings and DIY builds at the 2013 National Cyclocross Championships in Madison, Wisconsin, we thought we’d whet your appetite with another 2012 Nats bike profile – this one built by the legendary course builder, ‘cross racer, cycling promoter and frame builder Tom Stevens for the legendary two-time Masters World Champion and too-many-to-count National Champion Kathy Sarvary.

Kathy Sarvary's Spin Arts custom steel, built by Tom Stevens © Cyclocross Magazine

Kathy Sarvary’s Spin Arts custom steel, built by Tom Stevens © Cyclocross Magazine

In Issue 13, we had Richard Fries profile Tom Steven’s multi-decade involvement in cyclocross and his impact on the Northeastern racing scene (and check out this video of Stevens racing in the mid 80s!), so it’s no surprise that one of his handmade Spin Arts caught our eye. Stevens makes each bike custom to the rider, as the rainbow flourishes on Sarvary’s bike show.

If you’re a fan of Cyclocross Magazine’s CXM Labs’ DIY tinkering, you’re going to love this bike: A long-cage Campagnolo Chorus derailleur paired to a 9-speed Dura-Ace cassette and 10 speed Chorus shifters, all without a converter, spacers, cable clamp or travel adapter in sight. A zip tie on the drive-side FS SLK crank prevents outside chain drop, and the rear brake cable hanger is built into the seatpost binder bolt fixture.

Check out the details in the gallery below, and stay tuned for more bike profiles in the coming week as we report on the 2013 National Championships!

Kathy Sarvary’s Spin Arts Cyclocross Bike Photo Gallery: