In the off again, on again saga of the Masters Cyclocross World Championships, one thing is clear to the UCI: American ‘crossers care about the event.

The UCI’s Gerrit Middag is encouraging American promoters to put in a bid for the 2011-2013 events, and has provided us with the bidding guide and the application template to help build awareness of the possibility of bringing the event to the States.

The idea of the event coming to the states is certainly intriguing, as field sizes would be enormous compared to the historically Belgium-based event. Would we need field limits? Qualifications? Or a Braveheart-style mass start?

While a deadline has not been set yet, Middag said, “We will have some time to correctly evaluate some possible bids for the future.” For such a high-profile event, it’s not too early to start planning.

Necessary documents: (Updated 9/12 with new 2011-2013 document from UCI)

The bidding guide for the 2011-2013 UCI Masters Cyclocross World Championships

The letter of candidature for the 2011-2013 UCI Masters Cyclocross World Championships

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