It’s back to Louisville, Kentucky, for the eleventh episode of Behind THE Barriers’ Season Two! Fresh off his win on the first day, it’s back to Eva Bandman Park in Louisville where everyone is hoping for a repeat of Saturday’s duel with Ryan Trebon. Unfortunately, Trebon suffers a pre-race crash that effectively eliminates him from the race. Ryan shows true grit by racing anyway, despite a inflamed and painful left knee. Before Jeremy’s race, it’s off to the venue to meet fans, greet the media and sign a whole bunch of autographs, but sadly for Jeremy, he didn’t get there in the Porsche he trailers behind his double tour bus. After working hard before the race, Jeremy is made to work hard during the race by reigning national champion Todd Wells, who pushes Jeremy all the way to the finish line, literally. After the race, Jeremy has to make a quick exit so he can make a flight to San Francisco, but not before introducing the world to GBoom, and though you may heckle her, don’t forget that she’s pretty nasty on the bike!
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