The Zanconato Single-Speed Cyclocross Trophy Series: A six race single-speed cyclocross series and a chance to win a custom Zank frame and fork!

The Zanconato Single-Speed Cyclocross Series is a series of made up of six of the coolest grassroots races in New England Cyclocross with a dedicated single-speed category. Men and women will be scored separately but race at the same time.

Every racer will be in the running to win a custom frame and fork made by the master himself. To be eligible to win the frame and fork you need to race, obviously. For each race you enter, you get a “raffle ticket” and a chance at winning the frame and fork that will be raffled off at the end of the series at Ice Weasels. The more you race the more chances you have at winning!

Rules are simple: race a singlespeed cyclocross bike. You could use a single-speed mountain bike as long as you stick to USAC rules, such as no bar ends. Ice Weasels hack single-speed conversions are OK. Our technical director will be at the start line with zip ties in hand to help you if you are confused. Points and a series leader will be tabulated by Above everything else, the series is all about fun! Getting muddy and bloody with your friends on singlespeed cyclocross bikes: is there any greater joy?

The drawing for the frame and fork giveaway will be at the grand finale, Ice Weasels. Racers need to be present at Ice Weasels to win. Series winners will be awarded custom trophies. Prize lists and beer will be on tap as well.

What races are a part of the Zanconato SSCX Trophy Series?

• 9/11 Quad CX
• 9/28 Midnight Ride CX
• 10/15 Mansfield Hollow
• 10/16 MRC CX
• 10/30 Orchard CX
• 12/10 Ice Weasels

Each race is run by each individual promoter and may be staged according to their discretion. For more information, contact Chip Baker at [email protected]