Let’s take a break from Elite Women and give some spotlight to the Master’s division. Just because you’ve got a few years under your belt, racing cyclocross at a high level is still possible, and the Masters put their years of experience to master the tricky conditions.

The 2021 Masters World Championships Day 1 showed us that age is just a number. Seven Americans made the trip, with four medals.

Women 55-59

Corinne Pillot won first place.

Kate Dixon came in second place.

Tracey Fletcher won third after a brilliant battle with Catherine Kilburn.

2021 Masters World Championship Results: Women 55-59

PlacementFirst nameLast nameBibClubLapFinish
2KateDixon3Oscar Bravo647:35.6
4CatherineKilburn7Mid Devon CC648:34.1
8AlisonBagnall5ROTOR RACE TEAM655:47.1
9LynnBland1Norton Wheelers656:25.8
10AlisonTaylor4Shibden CC554:56.2
11RitaHumphreys8Coventry Cycling Club558:40.7

Women 60-64

Nicola Davies won first place with Lillian Pfluke (USA) coming in second. Salley Reid placed third.

2021 Masters World Championship Results: Women 60-64

PlacementFirst nameLast nameBibClubLapFinish
3SallyReid39Magspeed Racing651:53.9
6JitkaSenkyrikova Cole31656:04.2
7CarolynSpeirs38Kendal Cycle Club547:44.9
8JeanBergin33De Laune Cycling Club549:37.8

Women 65-69

Lydia Gould finished in first place. Linda Elgart (USA) placed second and Tracy Lea (USA) came in third.

2021 Masters World Championship Results: Women 65-69

PlacementFirst nameLast nameBibClubLapFinish
2LindaElgart61Sacramento Golden Wheelmen656:09.9

Women 70-74

Maurine Sweeney (USA) was the sole entrant and winner of the Women’s 70-74. She did the hard work before the race by beating all the others to the start line.

2021 Masters World Championship Results: Women 70-74

PlacementFirst nameLast nameBibClubLapFinish

Here are the seven Americans who lined up on the day.

  1. Michele Satrowsky
  2. Sue McDonough
  3. Lillian Pfluke
  4. Jitka Senkyrikova Cole
  5. Linda Elgart
  6. Tracy Lea
  7. Maurine Sweeney

Two Canadians also attended the race.

  1. Natascha Piciga
  2. Alana Heise

Featured image courtesy of Linda Elgart.