Masters Cyclocross Worlds landed in the UK, with some Americans skipping Nationals for the chance to grab rainbow stripes.

The cold weather did not stop these Masters from racing.

The 2021 Masters World Championships Day 1 showed us that age is just a number and all ages can race cyclocross.

Here are all the winners of the Masters Men 55+ categories at 2021 Masters World Championships Day 1.

Men 55-59

Murray Swanson came in first place. Update: Some might recognize a Norcal racer by the same name who jumped across the pond.

Peter Middleton placed second and Simon Hale podiumed.

Men 60-64

Jean Malot won first place and Grant Johnson came in second. Ron Veeke placed third.

Men 65-69

Peter Harris finished in first place and John Galway placed second. Alain Guinle came in third.

2021 Masters World Championship Results: Men 65-69

PlacementFirst nameLast nameBibClubLapFinish
1PeterHarris25Pearce Cycles RT643:01.7
2JohnGalway23Scarborough Coast CC643:17.9
5AndyRoberts9Cycling Team Dakservice644:47.1
7MalcolmCross27Velo. Club Venta645:24.2
8DavidRobinson5VC Veldrijden645:55.9
10JohnRisby3Team Milton Keynes647:55.6
11ChrisWatts12Matlock CC648:27.8
14MickSpeirs2Kendal Cycle Club650:44.0
15TimButler6Ipswich BC650:54.3
16SteveWhitehouse1War Vena651:33.7
19RayBeers7Audi East Antrim CC653:15.0
20KevinHickman26API - Metrow Foods544:40.5
21GregElson29Rugby Velo RC549:39.0

Men 70-74

Francisco Javier won first place with Dave McMullen coming in second. Mike Webb podiumed.

2021 Masters World Championship Results: Men 70-74

PlacementFirst nameLast nameBibClubLapFinish
1Francisco JavierSanchez De Diego53MOUNTAIN BIKE MADRID646:52.9
2DaveMcMullen56Cotswold Veldrijden648:15.4
3MikeWebb55Lichfield City Cycling Club652:17.9
4PeterMooney50Rugby Velo544:14.9
6TerryWhalley58Ford Cycling Club545:49.7
7NigelMiddlehurst52Ellmore Factory Racing546:43.8
8CliveTricker51Ipswich Bicycle Club547:13.5
9StuartGreen57Bute Wheelers549:25.0

Men 75-79

American John Elgart took first place. Denis Smith took home second and Victor Barnett cycled in third.

2021 Masters World Championship Results: Men 75-79

PlacementFirst nameLast nameBibClubLapFinish
1JohnElgart76Sacramento Golden Wheelmen650:50.9
2DenisSmith75Welland Valley CC651:44.6

Men 80+

John Ginley took home first place. Stuart Walters finished second. Robert Lea (USA) podiumed.

2021 Masters World Championship Results: Men 80+

PlacementFirst nameLast nameBibClubLapFinish
1JohnGinley77Shibden CC545:22.3
2StuartWalters78Kettering CC556:33.2

Eight Americans made the trip:

  1. Eric deRivera
  2. Robert Downs
  3. Jim Gentes
  4. John Elgart
  5. Robert Lea
  6. Michael Bowen
  7. Matt Davies
  8. Felipe Cantero Gutierrez

Three Canadians also contested Worlds:

  1. Jean-Francois Blais
  2. Andrew MacEachern
  3. Jeff Neilson

Featured image courtesy of Linda Elgart.