2021 Jingle Cross Day 1 Junior Women took place today on October 15, 2021 in Iowa City.

Isabella Holmgren took home first place after defeating Katherine Sarkisov in a tight race, with Natasha Visnack following.

This was not Isabella Holmgren’s first podium. She won silver during the 2021 Trek Cyclocross Cup.

Silver medalist of the 2021 Charm City Cross Day 2 Katherine Sarkisov got second. Bronze medalist of the 2021 Rochester Cyclocross Results Day 2 Natasha Visnack took home third.

Up next is the 2021 Jingle Cross Day 1 UCI Junior Men.

Full results below.

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2021 Jingle Cross Day 1 Results: UCI Junior Women

RankBibNameAffiliationTimeSplit Time
1177Isabella HOLMGRENHardwood Next Wave41:39.6:46.
2170Katherine SARKISOVCXHairs Devo41:39.6:46.
3173Natasha VISNACKUSAC Olympic Development Academ41:57.6:52.
4171Mia D42:12.7:07.
5189Keira BONDBoulder Junior Cycling42:32.7:40.
6180Elsa WESTENFELDERTeam Stampede42:49.7:14.
7174Chloe FRASERBoulder Junior Cycling42:57.7:04.
8194Kaya MUSGRAVEBear National Team43:46.7:12.
9176Samantha SCOTTTeam Twenty2444:00.7:11.
10535Makala JARAMILLO44:09.7:20.
11181Kiara LYLYKThe Cyclery44:20.7:32.
12175Ava HOLMGRENTeam Hardwood Next Wave45:07.7:51.
13179Lydia ELBERTThe Pony Shop45:22.7:37.
14192Madeline STOVERTeam S&M45:52.7:46.
15178Ella BRENNEMANCXHairs Devo46:02.7:44.
16172Olivia SANDOVALNobby by Nature47:34.8:00.
17191Mahika PETERSONTwenty2447:52.7:38.
18534Amelia ORTON47:54.7:56.
19190Mia SCHUMANNBear National Team/West Coast C49:30.8:26.
20182Alexa STIERWALTAether Racing42:42.8:48.